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55 GENIUS New Ways to Use Everyday Things

I have a collection of old crates that I have found and  love,  but what to do with them?  Maybe shelves on the kitchen  wall...

Use Old Crates and Drawers as shadow boxes. I love this. Went through my Dads barn and found some old crates and boxes that my Grandfather made to store nuts, bolts, screws, etc. I have them hanging on my wall now.

Grandma's Window Screen Pie Safe... Very interesting Website for Old Type Farm - Survival homestead

Reclaimed wood lend a sense of antiquity to this beautifully crafted wooden screen pie safe. For more pie safes and vintage decor, visit Antique Farmhouse.

Rustic galvanized tin back splash. I love this.

6 Ways to Redo a Backsplash (Right Over the Old One

Rustic galvanized tin back splash. Would not do this for our main kitchen space (as much as I love industrial interior design), I would definitely do this for a basement bar space or man cave of some kind though!

To my Mom and Nana, to the Nannie that they inspired me to be :)  Love and miss you both, so very much.


Grandma, hold me a little longer ~ rock me a little more ~ Tell me another story ~ (you've only told me four!) ~ Let me sleep on your shoulder ~ I love your happy smile ~ I'll always love you, Grandma ~ so stay with me a while. I love my grandma

OMG! I love this railroad bathroom!!

Lodge House-Furniture Delivery & Installation for Belle Grey Design LLC - traditional - bathroom - seattle - Ryan Whitworth - The Big Guys Home Delivery the train track

trike table - cool repurpose / upcycle idea

This tricycle was made of cast aluminum in the late or early Designer Denis Ferentinos added an aluminum support and a thick glass top and came up with a table that can definitely be referred to as unique.

bath plug

There's a hippo in my bathtub!Joe the Hippo Bath Plug.I don't think I'd want a hippo staring at my while I bathed.

Rolling Pins - love this! Displayed in antique bread box

Rolling Pins - love this! Displayed in antique bread box, right so all I need is the rolling pines