bucket list

Ride the largest/tallest rollercoaster in the world: The Kingda Ka at Six Flags in New Jersey. Its 456 feet high!


it's funny.my family goes on camping trip with the families of my parents high school friends who they've managed to stay close with all this time. i wanna go camping with all my edgewood friends.

The end of the road

what a crazy view! Idk if my fear of heights would allow me to be there but what an amazing thing to achieve by being there!

bucket list

bucket list: see the grand canyon. Not obly see it, but hike across it! Do the Grand Canyon death march in a day!

bucket list.

I will have a nice vacation in Hawaii with my family someday!


Wedding Wednesday: Let’s DO THIS!

Bucket list: Have a wedding anniversary.this would probably be one of the best days in my life ♥

Road trips with no destination  #bucketlist

Our greatest trips are the unplanned ones to unknown destinations! Justin just starts driving and wherever we end up, we discover new things and have the most fun! Love our Road Trips!

that roadtrip kind of lost.

What do you want to do before you die? Meet your favorite celebrities? Travel all around the world? We do not own the photos that we post unless stated otherwise, so.

I want to go to a drive in movie, must be in the back of a pick up truck though. Lots of blankets and pillows and friends, or a significant other. We even have a drive in movie place near our house.

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