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"There are things about your childhood..." - Kevin Arnold, The Wonder Years

Yup, especially to that one special childhood friend I had when I was in grade. You know who you are ;

That sounds nice

"And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling." leave sparkle behind you Inspiring Words Motivational Quotes Words of Wisdom

the thing about choas, is that while it disturbs us, it too, forces our hearts to road in a way we secretly find magnificent.

The thing about chaos, is that while it disturbs us, it too, forces our hearts to roar in a way we secretly find magnificent. -Christopher Poindexter My Favorite Poet!

I am loving you right now. This minute. You are right next to me. Always. ❤️

Oh how I love this. I have late night conversations with the moon, he tells me about the sun, and I tell him about you.

Ernest Hemingway •

you'll fall in love with me all over again." "Hell," I said, "I love you enough now. What do you want to do? Ruin me?" "Yes. I want to ruin you. "That's what I want too." Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms

Seriously, I'm the most complicated person on earth......but it's okay I have people that r crazy with me

Never have I dealt with anything more difficult than my own soul. So true, and dealing with my soul would be impossible without my GOD.

--it takes a while to read her, seconds to love her, and a life time to forget her--

"it takes a while to read her seconds to love her and a life time to forget her. Her mind is a dictionary of sadness and heartache, and her heart is a poetry book for the hopeless." Unknown but gifted poet

This quote really hit home... I will never allow her to cause pain in my life or my families. But I have a great example of what to never be.

You can't make homes out of humans, my life's not a fire to keep you warm. I won't let you in just because you have knocked. If you keep using my heart as your doormat, the next time you'll find that it is locked.