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Key SoCal Local Internet Marketing Trends To Remember This Year
Key SoCal Local Internet Marketing Trends To Remember This Year | ADMAX Media Mojo he Internet marketing world that small businesses are now required to circumnavigate comes to be increasingly complex each passing year. But Edwin Dearborn, business marketing strategist at Dearborn Associates, anticipates that key developing trends in 2014 will serve to codify SMBs’ SoCal local Internet marketing efforts.
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Google’s Hummingbird Adjustment, More Impactful Than You Know
Google’s Hummingbird Adjustment, More Impactful Than You Know | Google’s Hummingbird adjustment represents the most impactful search algorithm shift since Caffeine in 2010. While it will have less effect immediately on SEO than the Panda and Penguin updates the long-term effect is difficult to grok.
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Infographic: Mind your social media grammar and intended audience!
infographic social media Grammar is more important in social media than we previously suspected! While it may be clear that such important in blogs, grammar (and punctuation) in particular can affect the engagement that your SM posts receive. Curiously though, some punctuation has the opposite effect on engagement on various platforms.
the social media statistics show that people are using their cell phones to communicate with each other
Infographic: Key Statistics Every Marketeer Should Know
Infographic: Key Statistics Every Marketeer Should Know: If you are an Internet marketing professional endeavoring to possess all the know-how required to get the maximum out of social media in your marketing efforts, chances are, you will learn something from this highly insightful new infographic from Austrailia-based The Website Marketing Group.
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New Infographic: Mobile Site or Responsive Design?
Mobile Site or Responsive Design? Depending on on your design budget, how frequently you add fresh content and other updates, the value of your SEO, etc., which mobile website design function approach is right for you: native app development or responsive web design?
the top 100 new york city metropolitan area companies in 2012, according to number one
ADMAX Media Mojo
ADMAX SEO Client Joins INC-5000 Three cheers and a big congratulations are in order for ADMAX SEO client Cloud9 Real Time – Cloud9 has just been recognized as one of America’s fastest growing private technology companies by INC. in that magazine’s 32nd annual awards roster.
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Great Content for SEO is Paramount
Poor or low content is to be avoided — nothing new about that. But there are several news-worthy concepts revealed as uber-SEO Bruce Clay joins Search Engine Journal’s Murray Newlands on video, describing the increasing need for quality content within SEO. Bruce calls for “better content — great content for SEO.” Great content is a fundamental component of SEO success.
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How Graphic Design Enhances Visitor Engagement & Conversion
For a company branding and logo, and its website presentation, to work synergistically, both must have the potential for invoking increased confidence and interaction from the very first moments of the initial visit. This in turn produces measurably increased sales for e-commerce sites, and increased inquiry-lead flow for B2B sites.
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Content Marketing the “new” SEO?
Content Marketing the “new” SEO?