Bridgett Burns-Watkins

Bridgett Burns-Watkins

Bridgett Burns-Watkins
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Kayaking along Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Upper Peninsula, Michigan. I did this for vacation last year. It's an eight hour day trip along the Pictured Rocks. Breath taking and well worth the money you spend on the experience!

The Best Meatloaf Ever

Best Easy Meatloaf : This is the best meatloaf you’ll ever taste. It’s blended with the perfect seasonings and a cheesy top. It is the most delicious meatloaf recipe ever!

Parmesan Meatloaf - tastes like a giant meatball!The flavors were great in this with the Italian flavors. We particularly like how the meatloaf held up, it wasn't really dense, it was tender and stayed together, it didn't crumble when sliced.

Parmesan meatloaf- Tastes like a giant meatball! **It did taste like a giant meatball. My whole family liked this. We had extra spaghetti sauce that we put on it, though. The recipe says it takes about an hour, but ours took 80 minutes.

Own a miniature pig!

For owners of teacup pigs. Check out these cute little piggies. A teacup pig is the same as a micro-mini pig or potbellied pig. Teacup pigs grow to about the size of a small spaniel around 65 pounds and inches long.