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Feline nutrition, general health and behavior. Better lives through better care!
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A one page Cheat Sheet that makes it easy to understand how to feed your kitties a prey model raw diet.

Cats have diversified personalities. These cats are portrayed in movies and literature for several years.

May you always be surrounded by love.  Goodnight and sweet dreams! #CatCentric

May you always be surrounded by love. Goodnight and sweet dreams!

My Journey to Raw: Heartbroken, and at my wits' end.

Sabrina was my heart-kitty and renal failure killed her. Now Daphna was acting odd.

My Journey to Raw: A Nightmare Unwinding

When my husband and I moved in together, he demanded a cat. I had never owned one, but instantly fell in love with Tommy. And then the nightmare began.

My Journey to Raw: A Long Road

No matter what I fed him, he had explosive diarrhea that smelled bad enough to peel paint off the walls.

My Journey to Raw: Waking Up from a Devastating Reality.

When Nicky's urethra blocked up with gunk, the vet tech suggested a diet change, but that would take time.

My Journey to Raw: I did it for the Bengals!

Then I got Bengal Yuki, because as all Bengal owners know 1 is never enough, & of course Yuki couldn't eat what the others were on.

My Journey to Raw: Saving Molly

When I adopted Molly, she had been in five homes by age two and twice in the same shelter. She was overweight, anorexic and lethargic.

My Journey to Raw: A Life-Changing Awakening

Years ago I fed kibble, good kibble, so I thought. My deceased cats all lived to a healthy old age, and my living cats were healthy, too.

My Journey to Raw: Charlie's Story

Charlie’s kittenhood was fraught with health issues, including ringworm, calici-virus, corona-virus, cat flu and giardia.

My Journey to Raw: From Sick and Lethargic to Vibrating with Health

I started my journey to raw with an amazing Sphynx cat who had horrible diarrhea every day, and cried in pain every time he used the litter box.

My Journey to Raw: Desperate times call for desperate measures.

In the face of chronic diarrhea, poor appetite & daily vomiting, desperation to help her cats drove Ann Bee to try what she greatly feared but knew they needed.

My Journey to Raw: I wanted to do better!

I had always fed a variety of foods, both canned and dry, brands that were considered premium for their time. But I was curious and felt I could do better.