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butterfly on scabiosa

Alfenloch Himalayan and Persian kittens,

Sea Anemone and Clownfish. Contrary to popular belief that clownfish live in any anemone, only 10 percent of anemone species form a symbiotic relationship with the fish, uh-NEM-uh-nee) often mistaken for plants are actually predatory animals closely related to Coral and jellyfish. Anemones are polyps that attach themselves to rocks on the sea bottom or on coral reefs.


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Turquoise Jay

Bruno Liljefors

Halloween Costume

Our DIY cat condo | DIY ideas | Pinterest #cat #hammock -

Moonlight & Mist by Amanda Clark

ACEO Miniature 5 Cats Staring Black Grey Ginger Tabby Calico Folk Art by STRIKE More

Under the Sea

Top 5 Biggest Domestic Cats

3 Shih Tzus

Don't judge my Rottweiler and I won't judge your kids, but my dogs are probably better behaved

Little Yorkshire.

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Menorquin native breed known worldwide for its beauty and temperament.

Bull Terrier Pup


Maine Coon. Pillowtalk's Candlelight. Germany.

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