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Healthy Homemade Dog Treats- pumpkin and applesauce make these a special treat for your fur babies! These would be a great homemade DIY gift for the fury loved ones in your life this Christmas season. Click through for the recipe... Back To Her Roots

Back to Her Roots

Scarlet Minivet ( Pericrocotus flammeus )

English Bulldog puppy

In a Perfect World...

walking the golden retriever - Google Search

~~Booted Racket-tail by Glenn Bartley - Ecuador~~

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day - 24 Pics

Feet - love this shot.

Jemmi, the other Baby Orangutan to be Budi's Buddy | International Animal Rescue

Dog Nurses Baby Squirrels After Their Home is Destroyed

Black Lab puppy--- gotta love fall... just kidding I love puppies!

Meet Thor, The Bengal Cat With Purrfectly Beautiful Fur

Crouching Tiger.


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Tiny baby elephant - Tanzania


15 Proud Cat And Kitten Moments Captured On Camera

Road Trip #Africa

Of all the funny things I've scrolled past today, this is the one I repin. I guess, as Jenna Marbles says, it just gets me right in my giggle dick

Polar Bears (by Nikolai Zinoviev)

the eye of the lizard

Orphaned kangaroo joeys at Wildlife Victoria rescue centre in Melbourne. Picture: Sarah Matray/Newspix/REX