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00/00/0000. File pictures of Bob Marley in the 1970's

Harry Potter is where it's at.

Harry Potter Hufflepuff House Crest by whitneylynnart on Etsy, $65.00 I had the opportunity to meet the artist and her personality is all over these Harry Potter House Crests. I love Whitney Lynn's art

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I have long loved the Harry Potter series. And thankfully, it’s a love that both of my children have absorbed and made their own. Of course I love Hermione and Ron and Harry for their wonderf…

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Okay, they were good until that next-to-last one, which proceeded to rip out my heart and shred it

"Best of Wives and Best of Women" | Hamilton

Puzzles Bar, How I Met Your Mother

Thranduil art #LoHobbit #DesolazionediSmaug #TheHobbit #Hobbit

Problems of a book nerd: Getting second-hand embarassment when a character in a book does something awkward.

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bloody hell, harry | Underrated Harry Potter Characters Go Ollie.

jimi hendrix by baron wolman

Rolling Stone

i dont even know<<<<<<FALL OUT BIRDS??? fall out chickens? yup.<<<<hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


Game of Thrones memes

jamesandclairefraser: “Sam and Cait | Behind The Scenes ““Even off screen, this pair has more chemistry than Marie Curie.” ”

"Cinema Paradiso filmed in Sicily - Giuseppe Tornatore - Brilliant #cinematography #film"

Diary of a Cinephile

▶ Filmmaking 101: Training for Scriptwriting, Camera, Shooting, Lighting and Video Post Production - YouTube @Shantanu Chatterjee sivan

It seems like only yesterday when I was dressed as a wizard, lined up a mile from our local book store just before midnight, waiting for the newest Harry Potter book to be released. Those were the …

A Mother Thing

School's out for summer! You know what that means? You can totally stay up way past your bedtime catching up on all those books you've been dying to read all year long. Don't have a TBR pile a mile long? No worries, my friend. I have your summer reading list for adults right here, filled to the brim with all the fabulous tomes you need for beach reading, lazy days on the deck and, of course, those late night binge-reading sessions.

again daddy, again!!

The Shallows - Blake Lively - 2016 - thriller - movie poster - sharks - scary

Hahaha!! Yep totally opened the flood gates with that question!!