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Fairy cradle - made from a walnut shell. The Whittaker's Miniatures ❤❦♪♫

Lovely, Magnolia trees in full blossom w/the warmer temps in last 48 hrs... Sadly, the petals are already falling today! (Such beauty has a short life span of only 2-3 days here!) Toronto ON Canada)

DIY Bird Feeders - a great project to make with the kids!

Portable Lumber Mill DIY Bench Project. " I love this product.I've started making furniture out of the wood I've cut and sold it as fast as I can make it. People have found out I have the mill and are now asking me to cut trees up they have and want to turn into furniture. My only advice is to make sure you buy the right chainsaw and to research it as much as possible.I did a lot of research and bought the right equipment and it works great." - King21573 from Atlanta, GA

Yucca | ELLE Decoration NL

Pavers and Pea Gravel

I don't think I've ever seen these yellow bleeding hearts, one more to add to the garden!

DIY Miracle Concrete Patio Cleaner

Build a home recycling center It's easy to close the back door and pretend that the jumble of recycling bins and garbage cans outside doesn't exist--but that only works when you're in the house. Building a short lean-to just big enough to hold everything solves the problem, and you can put it together in one weekend.

Great combination for shady area

Grow Your Own Sweet of the best instructionals I have seen! Pin now read later

Mastering Depth of Field - Techniques for Dynamic Photos

Sturdy trellis is ideal for squash, cucumber, melons and other vining crops. Trellising vines increases air circulation to minimize disease problems. Keeps vines and fruits off soil for a cleaner, better harvest.


Larkspur 'Red Caroline': red, perennial, up to 2', blooms mid summer to fall

Smart Mamma says, "I used a stepping stone mold as a template and flipped it upside down. I then spray painted each section. (I used Rust-Oleum Hammered spray paint) I had 6 different colors of spray paint. Sometimes I mixed the spray paint colors to make the stones look real. After the spray paint dried I applied concrete sealer."

Tips for painting concrete. I'd like to paint our concrete porch, but wonder if it would hold up in this northern climate...

Fairy Garden

Tulips in pots

Shade plant, Huge Hosta ‘Empress Wu’!

A page from Dan Pearson's garden notebook | Telegraph