How to Grow Currants and Gooseberries in Your Container Garden (Life on the Balcony)

Here is a list of easy crafts and recipes that you can make with lavender. Freshening up your home, soaking in the tub and enjoying a sweet treat has never been more beautiful. #Lavender #ad

steel pipe planters with Red lomandra

5 Simple Ways to Conserve Water for Your Garden

  • Joyce Grove

    Not here in California, we really need the rain.

  • Vivian Barden

    not hear in mich.

  • Catherine M

    Here in AZ, we NEED the rain. Even in the mountains, it's pretty dry. Any way to conserve water is appreciated.

  • Rita Kroeplin

    we can use rain in northern illinois

  • Tyler Pirro

    I keep a pail in my kitchen- any water I can collect I put in the garden- after rinsing off plates, pots, even ones with some soap or chlorine- all goes into the garden. I swear the soap/chlorine, etc. helps keep some of the bag bugs and leaf mold away...and I've never had such great flowers as I did this year! I live on the coast in northern CA, but we've had drought here, too (we're on well water, so we have to be particulary careful

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steel pipe planters with Red lomandra

Geometric Glass Terrariums and Lamps - Le studio de design canadien Score+Solder, fondé par Matthew Cleland, propose de très beaux terrariums et des lampes en verre, jouant avec des formes géométriques. Faits à la main, ces objets sont conçus en différentes tailles, en verre transparent ou teinté, suivant des formes pyramidales, cubiques ou dodécaédriques.

DIY: Step by Step Photo Tutorial - lots of pics and detailed info on how she built this door by herself! She includes a link for the window.


If you want a huge "show" of color - plant petunias.

Honeysuckle 'Goldflame' Honeysuckle 'Goldflame' (Lonicera x heckrottii 'Goldflame') is a strong climbing plant with delightfully fragrant flowers. It grows with incredible speed and will thrive anywhere. They are noted for their exquisite fragrance which is stronger in the early evening in order to attract night moths.This is an ideal variety for covering pergolas, fences, walls and railings, as it grows very rapidly. Height supplied approximately 25 cm.

comment faire des boutures d'hortensia

Cucumbers like it hot. Lettuce likes it cool and shady. Two in one! I'be been using farm fence for cukes at an angle but now I'll just angle more and put lettuce underneath. Great idea

Steel #billiard #table FUSIONTABLES DINING POOL TABLES by Fusiontables Saluc

Starting and growing #sweet #potatoes - each potato can produce up to 50 growing slips! from DIY network - #garden #gardening #sweet #potato #growing #sprouting #propagation #vegetable - tå√

Orange Cymbidium Orchid

Dahlia "Love Special"

How to grow apple tree from seed

Solar light mini-pergola

Great outdoor space. Love the skylight feel of the roof. You're covered from the rain, but the sun can still shine through.

Pretty color mix.

air plants!