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21 Snapchats From Sherlock. Funny!! Don't want to have to wait so long for the next season

...Rachel Phelps, are you certain you are not also John? Because this Sherlock is definitely me.

[GIFSET] This is why no one should ever skip episodes or they won't know the origin of things like "bendy"

Hey now, shouldn't that be directed at Arthur?

Beautiful!!! River Song and the Doctor

L cosplay of Death note

Armor Tutorial (great tips & ideas for making lightweight cosplay armor, and some links to sites that provide armor patterns.)

Pokemon HeartGold: I nicknamed the Togepi that hatched from Professor Elm's egg "Toshiro" after Toshiro Mifune, because I think the evolved forms will need a heroic name. Use FLY Toshiro! (DS)

Super easy medieval or sorceress gown, witch gown from one piece of fabric.

Pikachu Pokemon glasses by Ketchupize. Ooooh, I wish they had these available for prescription eyewear! :)

Batman: Arkham Origins Poster, available in Games Master magazine

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! Design Your Own Gallifreyan Pendant Necklace by kaieldesigns, $14.95

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My doctor!

Some of these are really funny like the barefoot in spring one but the marco and jean one is uncalled for!

Link and Zelda by Kyuriin #LegendofZelda #Gaming <- such lovely, very art, much shipping

The 5 Greatest Weaknesses of DC Superheroes

Way to go Kyoya. You just pissed of Daddy

I love this. Its so, 11

Tumblr Marvel #2...I apologize in advance for the language, but some of these are funny

Every time hahaha

The way Misha turns around expecting a normal sized human and not a moose-sized man--->haha, yeah!!