Fisher Price cash register - 80s Toys!

Templar Knight

Native American Indian Pictures: Blackfoot/Blackfeet Indian Tipis


Students see how much Germany dominated at the beginning of the war in this color coded notebook timeline for World War II.

Teachers Pay Teachers

New Orleans, LA -I-610E


Queen Alexandra of England

Revolutionary War Women Outfits | we'll finally find out from Nancy why her hand is so dirty!)

Prince of Darkness: The Untold Story of Jeremiah G. Hamilton, Wall Street’s First Millionaire


Egyptian God Family Tree

pit bulls have always been the nannying dog

Development of the Swedish Empire in Early Mordern Europe (1560-1815)

Cushing Disease Diet I was wondering why I felt so much better on Coconut water and milk.

I used to have these all the time when I was lil. They are awesome!!!!

"Forgotten" Palace, view from the garden | This is the Sobanski Palace. Abandoned in Poland. Photo links to photographer's flickr page.

Pink Bubble Gum!!!

Bradlees Department Store

Working on mine and can't wait to complete it!!

This image gives the statistics of the effects from Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor. 2,402 Americans were killed, 1,282 Americans were injured, 188 air crafts were destroyed, 8 battleships were damaged, 4 were sunk, and 6 eventually returned to service.


Five of the children of King George V and Queen Mary. From left, King George VI, (1895 - 1952), then Prince Albert, the Duke of Windsor, (1894 - 1972), then Prince Edward, and right, Prince Henry, (1900 - 1974). Seated are Mary, Princess Royal, (1897 - 1965), and Prince George, (1902 - 1942).

MATTEL Baby Beans Doll DOLLS Tagged Original Doll Clothing c.1970!

This is an old photograph of a young African American girl posing in a photo booth sometime during the 1930's. Written above her in faded ink is "Mozella." There is nothing to indicate where this photograph was taken.