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南京大屠杀 Rape of Nanking #china #ww2 #japan #brutality

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Amity Hall Hotel - Duncannon, PA is host to a strange sort of haunt. Built in the 1800s it served as a hospital during the civil war and a hotel for travelers along the Pennsylvania Canal route. Unexplained sightings have taken place both inside and outside the building. Strange blue lights seen upstairs, an apparition of a woman staring out the attic window. Dark shadowy figures roaming around the parking area. Reports of spirits of children who was murdered there.

10 Most Unsolved Mysteries Of The World - Out-Of-Place-Artifacts

Celtic Symbol Signs And Meaning | Astrology: Celtic Symbols and Irish Astrology

Scythian Saka Tagar Iron Sword

The Mitsubishi J8M Shūsui (Japanese: 三菱 J8M 秋水, literally "Autumn Water", used as a poetic term meaning "Sharp Sword" deriving from the swishing sound swords make) was a Japanese World War II rocket-powered interceptor aircraft closely based on the German Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet. Built as a joint project for both the Navy and the Army Air Services, it was designated J8M (Navy) and Ki-200

Paddle Doll. Old Kingdom, Egypt.

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Odin, the original wanderer is calling you to come back, to the ancient path your ancestors walked.

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Inside the first large opening (of five total openings) opening from the south of the Palazzo Iucci. This area was where the Sturmgeschütz from Stug.-Brigade 242 was stationed between strikes against the allies. Identified soldiers: seated without cap is Hauptmann Rudolf Rennecke, Kommandeur II./Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 3; standing, wearing field cap is Feldwebel Eugen Opel, Kommandeur of the Stug III.

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Official histories of the United States have ignored the fact that 25 percent of all U.S. presidents were slaveholders, and that black people were held in bondage in the White House itself. And while the nation was born under the banner of “freedom and justice for all,” many colonists risked rebelling against England in [...]


Britains 9563 Bamfords BL 58 Heupresse 1/32

Shawnee Indian forged iron trade axes, 1770s to 1790s, Mad River drainage, Ohio. Collection of Greg Shipley. *trade goods fur trade trade silver Native American Indian artifacts historic ax axe tool French & Indian War Spanish Colonial*

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Erik the Red gave Greenland its name over 1,000 years ago and ushered in the country’s Viking era. It is said that he was a particularly hot-headed fellow who, after being exiled from first Norway and later Iceland, finally settled in Greenland. Erik the Red married Tjodhilde, but history now repeated itself and his father's fate also befell Erik. In 982 he was sentenced to exile from Iceland for three years for murder...

little people I still have these in a box I'm my garage:)