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Top 25 Funny Animals Photos and Memes | Quotes and Humor #compartirvideos #uploadfunny #sharefunny

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10 Pick-Up Lines You Definitely Shouldn;t Be Using To Get The Girl!

an awesome fanart of Kevin from Desert Bluffs (Though seriously, I don't know why everyone assumes that Kevin is this freakish individual, I think that Cecil would be the abnormal looking one, and Keven is just normal.)

Monday Memes: Let It Go - My No-Guilt Life

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I don't even know what to say

  • Liz McDaniel

    Wow not worth the time. Unless it's a bet for something actually worth it.

  • Aaliyah Lewis

    Wow all that for a little game

  • Angel Song

    Won't that be more expensive than the gift card itself?!

  • AbbyNagleArt

    Oh wow.....

  • Liesel

    Evil would be for the person who received this to keep till he lost a bet and give it back. Then the guy would be out all the items, cost and time he used to put this together. Joke would then be on him.

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Haha!! All very true!

"What if Belle still reads to the Prince?" This made me really happy :)

kkkk credooo

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I'm laughing so hard right now.

Sometimes i wonder... Teenager Posts

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