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Forgive me, for I have killed a rabbit so I could survive. I did not know I was near your territory, human. I look up, see the human's gun pointed at me. My eyes plead as I beg again. Do not kill me, please, for I have done no harm. I have only killed a small creature while you have killed three cows in the past day. I was just being a wolf, don't shoot me. I did nothing wrong.

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Creative Photo Manipulation

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    This is great. I like it :)

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    Natural Orange Juice

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Adorable Sibling Pos...If and when I have a baby he or she will take a pic with its big brother sooo adorable.... :)

Because this is handmade, we need 30 days to get it to you, this includes shipping. So please buy this well in advance.

Cute ideas for baby pictures

photographer unknown Photo - NeoMexicanismos

Champagne cork!


20 of the BEST things about having a girl - and I love this photo!

One Route

Wedding photo

Family Pose Idea

love this look. It would be cute for a casual Christmas party. :D

When he rounded the corner, she was sitting there, just sitting there. Staring at him. And in that lonely, forgotten place, her very presence was surreal, and breathed life into him and the air around him.


Trastevere, Rome


Sharks + Fish

Posing Guide for Photographing Couples: Couple photography is about connection, interaction and feelings between two people. Here are some poses to help you capture that.

Silver-Eared Mesias (Leiothrix Argentauris) from Asia, by Reinhard

The body resting on the morgue slab is Albert Fournier, triple murderer and rapist, executed by Anatole Deibler, at Tours, in February 1920.

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