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My carcass eaten by my 72 cats...yay me.

Moon series -

color story #91

baby in a guitar case - Google Search

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Turquoise Pool, Navarra, Spain ♥♥♥♥♥

✯ Sunset and Etretat Pebbles, Normandy, France

This photo shows depth of field because the fence is in focus and the background isnt. I like it because of the lit up exit only sign in the background.


Ash Cave at Hocking Hills State Park - Ohio - (what a great photo)

11 Instagram Stars Spill Their Secrets


•VSCO CAM• ☆another tropical filter☀ ☆ Look best with:Tropical photos ☆Cost:Free - Comment what u copied!

I dont need an E but hopefully someday I will need a V <3 I cannot wait to have kids and name them the beautiful names I have picked out! :)


best football senior pictures in michigan

*swoon* #ljbebe @twentyventi