deviantART: More Like Filigree Under-bust Tattoo Request by ~KrisHanson

'garden city movement - move on' still cuts-------modern kalypise and kiria

Tulip Valley


After you duplicate a layer, the word "copy" is appended to the end of the layer name. If you don't want Photoshop to do this, go to the Layer's panel flyout menu, and choose "Panel Options..." , Then uncheck "Add 'copy' to Copied Layers and Groups".

Photoshop Training Channel

Caribbean lily

One Year Old Liz Czinege Photography | Newborns Children Families | Hamilton Niagara


Photography<3<3 LOVE THESE JEANS AND CAMERA i have pants need the camera <3<3

12 must-have photography supplies to stock your camera bag with everything you need to get a perfect photo every time!

Shrimp Salad Circus

. #children #photography #butterfly #outdoor

Sander Blommaert, 2011 by Bertil Nilsson

"Shadow work refers to the process of healing the split between who we think we ought to be and the trapped life energy caught in the pretense of trying to hide and conceal what we can’t accept about ourselves. Shadow work is soul work, it holds the essence of who we are. It includes all of ourselves, our darkness and our light, our meanness and our greatness."-Leigh Pobst (Matt Wisniewski)

Beautiful Bangladeshi Child

Valley Of The Blue Moon, North Cascades National Park, Washington State

Alternate version of Little Red Riding Hood. I prefer this one better.

.LOVE this Andalusian! This most certainly has to be one of my fav breeds. Along with apps of course :)


Lauren Conrad

A sad reminder..

Drawings - Centre Georges Pompidou - Rpf

aurora borealis (northern lights), norway | nature + night photography

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I soo want to do this with Abigail and Carlyann this Christmas!!!!