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MINECRAFT HOUSE JUNGLE -- I have one kinda like this in a mega taiga biome

Yard twister - love for spring and summer

Coconut Custard MeriNgur Pie - looks so good.

Become a Millionaire on One Acre with Aquaponics

brown baby shower elephant pacifiers

Adorable must-have photo with your maid of honor and best man

#Rayban #rayban #RayBanSunglasses Wish You Have A Happy Time On Our Ray Ban Sunglasses Store! Only need $12.99.

cozying up a small bedroom (via tumblr)

Traditional lingerie with a contemporary pose and perspective for Megan's boudoir photo

Michael Kors Bags for Cheap Prices. Fashion Handbags only $39.99. #Michael #kors #Bags

Store your ice cream in a Ziploc bag so it doesn't get too hard. Wow waaay too many great ideas!

"Who am I, and who can I become?" --Lesson Handout for YW

Printed Graphic Design Portfolio Example - Alper Yildirim

15 Lifehacks For Your Tiny Bathroom. omg my sister will love to see this!!!!!!

Every. Single. Time. Seriously people, please stop saying this. You don't know what you are saying.

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Brandy ♥ Melville | Erica But First Coffee Sweatshirt Mine will say "Cupcakes" ^_^

Curtains of of fabric scraps! Shabby chic, Junk Gypsy Craft Room | Kindred Spirits | Recycled, boho, Handmade

Rain Gardens, Backyards Plans, Raingarden, Buildings, Front Yards, Plants Selection, Family Handyman, Families Handyman, Gardens Plants

The perfect summer drink for adults, this will make you the hit of any outdoor party where you are soaking up the sun and enjoying a nice BBQ or backyard meal. Great for late night parties too ;)

Drinks Vodka Cocktails, Mojito Recipe, Vodka Drink, Mojito Drinks, Raspberries Vodka, Raslpberri Vodka, Cocktails Vodka, Vodka Mojitos Recipe, Alcohol Vodka

  • Pam White

    Aliesha Stephens yes ma'am! Dustin will be going camping.

  • Aliesha Stephens

    @Pam White okie dokie! Do you still want to plan at your place? We can do mine but Jamie and the baby will be here.

  • Pam White

    Aliesha Stephens My house it is....maybe a good chick flick to go with our mojito?

  • Aliesha Stephens

    @Pam White heck to the yes!! We can text when it gets closer and we can figure out maybe some snacks and such.

  • Pam White

    Aliesha Stephens Sounds like a plan sister!!

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Mountain Cabin Decorating, Pillows Covers, Mountain Quotes, Quotes Pillows, So True, Pillow Covers, Boho Quotes Inspiration, Mountain Homes, Covers Mountain

Caramel Coconut Cream Pie Recipe ~ crazy delicious!

Befriend the lonely and help the helpless - 27 Powerful Quotes That'll Inspire You

Cardew Terrestrial World Globe Tea Pot Made in England Globe? Tea Pot? England? TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!

You better believe that this is what my wedding cake is going to look like; or it will at least have chocolate covered strawberries.