Dulce de Leche Cupcakes on Six Sisters' Stuff | Well, the other day when I was walking past a bakery here in downtown LA and saw through the window some delicious Dulce De Leche CUPCAKES. I couldn’t justify paying $5 for a cupcake when I knew I could make some myself, so I went home and starting playing around in the kitchen, and these cupcakes were born. And I may or may not have eaten 4 in one sitting!

FINALLY PICTURES of what I've been talking about -Shelves between the studs

draped blouse by helenhudson1 on Polyvore featuring polyvore, fashion, style, Zara, Joie, Michael Kors, Vintage and Tiffany & Co.

Small wrist tattoo of a feather on Angela Estevez.

I need a bay window with a seat to put these pillow books... where I can melt away with my books!

Arrow Sayings Cuttable Svg Designs Monogram by CuttableSVG on Etsy .... @jwilliams7322 Here are some more cute ideas!

Love this...just not sure about rear view of cat. :} RedBirdBlue: screened porch

Men's workout

Chocolate Fruit Dip. Use electric hand mixer to whip cream, powder sugar, cocoa powder and cream cheese for good complement to dip bananas and strawberries for a sweet creamy flavor. It can't be better to celebrate your kid's birthday party.

Figures made from tape & wire

I love the pattern of the dress, but I'm usually too short for maxi dresses.

"Vans" - Crochet Slippers - PDF Pattern -- why am I finding this hilarious?

Looking for an easy the meal the kids will love? Try these Pizza Pinwheels with Ragu #ad

44 - chinese checkers - sheet, multicolor cups, paint

Adding sage to your campfire or fire pit keeps mosquitoes and bugs away. Good to know for an outdoor fire pit!

BACKWOODS SURVIVAL BLOG: The Meaning of Those Codes Used Over the Airwaves #life #hacks #police #coupon code nicesup123 gets 25% off at leadingedgehealth.com ...

Lemon Zucchini Cupcakes! These delicious Lemon Zucchini Cupcakes are so moist and fluffy! Paired with an incredible lemon buttercream, these are the best zucchini recipe yet!

Junk Gypsy Paint Wanderlust

INSTRUCTIONS TO MAKE Village House Display...not into those houses but that is actually a great display idea!,

Hip Opening Stretches -- 5 stretches to undo the effects of sitting all day

Loving the soft creamy gray Moorish Trellis Wall Stencil with the turquoise and yellow accents! Project by Gabbi Zaccheria.

wedding reception idea; photo: Sincereli Photography

This monkey bread recipe is to die for! The best combination of apple and cinnamon will melt their taste buds. Total comfort food, yet surprisingly light. It's always a huge hit around the holidays. Serve the next morning after Thanksgiving and Christmas when you have guests in town.

Stacy’s® Pineapple Salsa Fresca from award winning Blogger Stephanie Le is the perfect spicy/sweet snack to kick off the season of fresh fruit. Stacy’s® Fire Roasted Jalapeño Pita Chips give a delicious bite of heat that makes this an irresistible combination.

Using a Graffiti Wall as Review in the classroom is a fun, hands-on way to review materials. It can be used at ANY grade level. Let students write or draw. Click through to get more details and ideas!