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Scorpione costellazione tipografia Print Art di Riverwaystudios

homemaking hack #2: the family closet + all the details! This trick has saved me so much time on doing laundry for 6! I could never go back to dressers in the bedroom again!

Alphabet Lackadaisical by Robin

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I alwase seem like the most smiley person in my group of friends... But in reality... I'm lonely

Rover 99 - *The Road To My Heart | Poster

"Only dead fish go with the flow." Pretty sure that's not true, but sometimes going with the flow is the worst thing you can do... || Because Sometimes A Little Inspiration Goes A Long Way - 34 Pics

One day you find the person who can touch your heart with a smile, and genuine honesty. Trusting you with their fears, allowing you to once again hear the music.

Iconic rape culture

  • Nicole Chambers

    You dont know my what has happened in my fucking life and you dont know me!

  • Clarissa Brandley

    You are right we dont know you. We dont know anything about you. Thats not what we are getting at. You are being over defensive. We are simply standing by this text. And you are disagreeing that is all. Who you are is not being brought into this

  • Clarissa Brandley

    Im sure you have been through awful things. So have I. That doesn't mean the second someone says something against your opinion you should use this as an excuse to make us agree with you. You have probably been through a lot and we are not denying it

  • Clarissa Brandley

    I hope you are alright. But you are not the sole decider of the content meaning. It is worded to make us think. And that's what we are doing

  • Nicole Chambers

    Actually it was towards me. I was called ignorant and that I suppprt rape when I told the truth. Yes greta did say that but even she said she was fine with it and it was a time for that. She has a voice and she should not be a spokes person for rape when she doesnt agree that it was.

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We all want to do something. While we can't take away their grief, here are some ideas to show support and make life a little easier. There'...

all the sweet prettiness of life

Minus the gold hearts. Nails Idea | Diy Nails | Nail Designs | Nail Art

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INFJs are protective of their inner selves, sharing only what they choose to share when they choose to share it.


    Don't know what INFJ's are, but i like the saying. But It's so me

  • Emily Mann

    INFJ describes a personality type from the Meyers-Briggs test. It stands for Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging. Sounds like you could be an INFJ. You should take the test online and see for yourself.

Losing weight quotes: "It´s not just about losing ...." by Steve Maraboli

Never underestimate a man's ability to make you feel guilty for his mistakes. - Rihanna