American Flags representing all the dead from Iraq, Afghanistan, & 9/11/01, while Bush was President. They add up to thousands of dead Americans, so what's this right wing bullcrap about Benghazi & 4 deaths ?

Kneeling Madonna And Child Garden Statue

Don't pick a job with great vacation time. Pick one that doesn't need escaping from. #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship. I love my job but dang I still need a vacation. I think every job is like that.

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty. -MAYA ANGELOU #positive #life #quotes

"there are holes in the floor of heaven. and his tears are pouring down. thats how you know he's watching, wishing he could be here now." <3 dad i hope it rains on my wedding. rained on prom, graduation, my graduation party.

Published in the past decade, these books have been criticized for explicit content, false claims, and so much more. How many have you read?

For every woman - at every stage of her life. Becoming: Proverbs 31 Girl ✓ | A journey of faith...

Anna McVicar believes a sickness bug and her ambition to succeed in the competitive world of ballet were major factors that led to her developing anorexia so young

palter (verb) (1) To talk or act insincerely or deceitfully: lie or use trickery. (2) To bargain with. (3) To act carelessly: trifle. [I'd seen this word in online word games but was too lazy to look it up. Thanks to previous pinners!]

Cannt stand fake ppl.


-President Uchtdorf

Mirror Mirror On The Wall Decal Sticker Family Art Graphic Home Decor Mural. $24.00, via Etsy.

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don't judge me unless you walked a mile in my shoes - Google Search

... just need a high five funny quotes about life - Funny Loves Fun World

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On the daily inspiration. #motivation #empowerment #quotes

Teenage post # 13480 Business Plan ~ 1. Hold sign that says "Free Hugs" 2. Whisper during the hug, "it's $50 to let go" Hahaha I am so doing this!!

Noah Foreman. + #16 Don't make up lies about your girlfriend. It makes you pathetic.

Jesus by Harold Copping {c.1920's}