How can you #help someone out today? #mormon #lds

People change for two main reasons their #minds have open or their hearts have been broken. #quote

Anne Frank.

Top 39 Funny Best Friend sayings

It might take a Year, it might take a Day, but what's meant to be will always find its Way.

Happy Girls Are the Prettiest Girls - Audrey Hepburn - 8.5" x 11" Print

People ask me what I do in winter when there's no baseball. I stare out the window and wait for Sping. ~ Rogers Hornsby

So beautiful💓💓


Relationship Quote: If you constantly have to tell someone the same exact thing about how you feel and they don’t change it, understand they don’t respect you.

It's okay to hurt. Just know that it will not last forever, and that to feel happiness, you must at sometimes hurt.

You've no room for fair weather friends. The people you can trust will be able to do this. You'll know who they are without them saying a word.

Sometimes we just need to Breathetake it one second at a time..,-inspirational-quotes-9

No matter how big your house is, how recent your car is, or how big your bank account is. Our graves will always be the same size. Stay humble.

Good words to live by.


follow your dreams...

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Some of the most poisonous people come disguised as friends and family life quotes family friends life life lessons inspiration instagram fake friends

With God's help we will make it through anything