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Atlantic Puffins

Nature - Cosmos flowers with blue sky.

:Stomolophus meleagris. or Cannonball. Found in water off CA down to Brazil

50 Amazing Facts About the Moon

Infographic Journal

Sugar maples and pumpkins

Autumn Road

Finding Feathers

The World in Tones - Photography by Patrick Hübschmann

Autumn, Brooklyn, New York City

Laguna Colorada is a salt lake in Bolivia that gets its red colour from the pigmentation of algae #Bolivia

What Is Reiki Healing And How Does It Work? Today I interviewed Vanessa Brett, a Reiki Master, and she explains what Reiki is and how you use Reiki to heal. Keywords: What is Reiki, Reiki Master, How does Reiki work, Reiki Attunements, Reiki Healer, Power of Reiki, Reiki Benefits, Energy


Remix Nebula ...So what is a nebula? It is a cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other gases that attract matter and materials to clump. These so called clumps form stars, planets, and other planetary systems. In simple, Nebulae are where the stars are formed! (Wikipedia)

Li River at sunrise / China

Space Shuttle Endeavour



Tangle Falls, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada


Was ist vor zehn Jahren mit Jill im Wald passiert? Lüftet ihr Geheimnis auf Meinem Blog ---> kateslittlesweett... ---> Wattpad ---> #buch #nureineinzigeswortvondir #thriller #mystery #geheimnis #jugendbuch

galaxy! Wow this is the stunning beauty that which we actually be - and then we question our worth???

sea shell

Love this tree!!

autumn leaves

Top Recommended Crystals: Amazonite, Azurite, or Lepidolite Additional Crystal Recommendations: Apophyllite or Red Jasper. Worrying is associated with the Solar Plexus chakra.

sea shell