Science and nature

Creedite - China

Green Sphalerite - Balmat-Edwards Zinc District, St Lawrence County, New York, USA.

Drying and pressing flowers in a book was something I loved doing as a kid. Must revive this lost appreciation.

Easter Bunnies

Reminds me of growing up in Boone, NC

Laura Trevey

Very sexy grasshopper wearing his bettlejuice outfit.J.Froelicher


NGC 3314 is a pair of overlapping spiral galaxies between 117-140 million light years away in the constellation Hydra.

Everest the Border Collie

Bonsai.  Japan

Fresh Farmhouse

Phengodid beetle (Phengodidae) -- Brazilian Amazon

Harvest Mouse on Berries by Daniel Trim, via Flickr


Yowah Nut Opal 'Cartwheel' Amazing ring of fire, reminds me of a solar eclipse

great egret (photo by halex) JUST BEAUTIFUL

Chanel Pearls

Enceladus - One of Saturn's Moons (Recently Discovered Vast Ocean Under Thick Layers Of Its Ice)

30 magnifiques photos déclairs 2Tout2Rien

For the Mindful Art Therapists out there...a mindfulness benefits infographic

Beautiful Blues

Marathonisi beach - Marathonisi Island at Laganas Gulf (Zakynthos Island), Greece

Simple Chakra Balancing You Can Do Today | The Tao of Dana

Fire Lily (Clivia Miniata) is a shade loving plant


Butterfly and Orchid - by Darrel Gulin Photography

i love lily of the valley