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    Cool Dog House Upgrade: Instantly-Endearing Pet Trailer Designs. Unique dog-sized trailers made from environmentally-friendly materials, including recyclable aluminum, plywood and plastic. Pet trailer can even have a lighted interior, wireless speakers, and an adorable personalized license plate.

    I LOVE this picture! The raindrops, the movement, the delicate china, the greens....lovely

    snowy lamp lit street

    National Park, Washington

    orange and gold....

    titanophoneus vs ulemosaurus by atrox1 on DeviantArt

    ^Bubble Coral

    Metal and wood detail

    Pulau Dayang Beach, Malaysia



    Ruffled Peony by Michelle P. via Besotted

    Photo@lucalocatelliphoto A view from the top of a nuclear reactor room that was operating on the Greifswald nuclear power station in Germany. The plant was the biggest in East Germany before shortly closure after German reunification. Most of nuclear plants were designed for a life of about 3040 years. Usually a safety enclosure procedure for a nuclear power plant takes around 40 to 60 years and the average cost are sky-rocket. Please follow me to know more about the energy project for National Geographic @lucalocatelliphoto #energiewende #nuclearreactor #nuclearenergy #climatechange #energytransition #renewableenergy #green #energy #windturbine #wind #northsea #coal #mine #co2 INSTITUTE by natgeo

    Garnet, The January Birthstone

    Jektvik, Norway.

    One of my favorite past times is to look upon the night sky and try to find constellations. Its amazing to do it from different parts of the city of even different states. I love looking upon the stars in awe! They inspire me to learn more of the night sky


    Hello October.

    Carina Nebula, a star forming region in the Sagittarius Carina arm of the Milky Way

    Hillsborough Parish Church at Night, in the north-west of County Down immediately to the south of suburban Belfast (in Winter) by {Flixelpix} David, via Flickr

    The waterfall Angel (height 979 m) drops over the edge of the Auyantepui mountain in the Canaima National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site in the Gran Sabana region of Bolívar (Federal) State, (Bolivarian) Republic of Venezuela. [click on the photo to see the water flowing]