Science and nature

Turquoise ~ is considered to be a sacred stone to many American Indians. It protection from harm for dogs cats. Turks believed it protected horses from overheating and falls and attached it to their bridles as amulets.


This is probably the most amazing photo you will see of the Orion nebula's center, a cloud of gas and dust known as M42. The work was created by Adam Block at the Mount Lemon Sky Center observatory in Arizona. Image: Adam Block/Mount Lemmon SkyCenter/University of Arizona

great fashion illustration

Early Mark 42 - Iron Man 3 Concept Art

live horse conch, Sanibel island Live shells have to be left on the beach. Live shelling is prohibited on Sanibel and the surrounding islands.


B59-00587 (1959) --- Astronaut Virgil (Gus) Grissom is pictured leaving a U.S. Navy installation and removing his helmet. Photo credit: NASA

Pink Robin (Petroica moment love #cute #pink

Decken Glacier, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Milky Way

Rainbow galaxy

Lakota Star--could be a good design to cross stitch

Lumière du soir à bavella, Corsica, France, by melch2B, on Flickr.

Hexi Pored Polypores... Mushrooms by ~ReflectTheStorm1 on deviantART

~~Appearance ~ aurora borealis, Norway by Dionys Moser~~

Lotta Agaton

country sunrise

Indicolite Tourmaline spear through Quartz

Antioch - Reconstruction of Ancient Antioch

full moon

Heaven is not a place nor a condition. It is merely an awareness of perfect Oneness, and the knowledge that there is nothing else; nothing outside this Oneness, and nothing else within. - A Course In Miracles

Metal flowers


mother nature taking over in Taiwan