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Science & Nature

propeller banksia / cigar-shaped patterned spike with open valve-like seed pods.


Aspergillus fungus... creates so much havoc on Hematology wards.

crystal star

Alexandrite - it changes frm purple to green to greenish blue.

SaturnV moon rocket illustration

Nichole Radman I dunno if you were still interested in the crystal stuffs, but I thought this was neat

Rutile in Quartz

If you're a Christian, repost this photo. Lets make it go viral. Repost and tell your friends to repost it to. Lets see how far we can go with this. Post it . JESUS saves.

The History of Genetics Infographic

goblet funnel cap #mushrooms #nature #photography

The Milky Way ~ Norway

Orange Bracket Fungus. Do I smell a mulligan?

Black Opal

This pictorially describes the ecological impact of consuming too much fish. With a population our size, it's virtually impossible to sustain such sea life.

genius ideas (8)

June 25, 1992: Launch: Space Shuttle Columbia STS-50 at 12:12:23 pm EDT. Mission highlights: Spacelab mission.

Sea Shell

In August of 2007, astronomers located a gigantic hole in the universe. This empty space, stretching nearly a billion light-years across, is devoid of any matter such as galaxies, stars, and gas, and neither does it contain the strange and mysterious dark matter, which can be detected but not seen. The large void in the Constellation Eridanus appears to be improbable given current cosmological models. A radical and controversial theory proposes that it is a "universe-in-mass black hole"

Ramona Falls, Oregon, USA

Opal - October Birthstone. It has been said, it is bad luck to wear Opals unless it is your Birthstone.

Specimen of polychrome elbaite Tourmaline crystals (28 cm tall), Pederneira, Minas Gerais, Brazil.