Marine tattoo Nautical love! sums it all up: hope, travel, direction.

Love the placement of this tattoo.

Love this mother daughter tattoo

I'd love to get this tattooed! However I would change it to an elk or a ram and have a few more flowers and have the flowers in color.

anchor family tattoos - Google Search

Cherry Tattoos Designs: Cherry blossom tree tattoo on back

floral rib to chest tattoo by alice carrier, at anatomy tattoo in portland, oregon - this placement is bomb.

Im gettin a moon tattoo one day! Ive loved the moon since I was young! I could stay outside & watch it all night! Its soo beautiful

De la peinture au tattoo, il n’y a qu’un pas !

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Wooden Cross

"Sometimes you have to fall, before you can fly" hot pink and zebra print hearts ♥ #Tattoo #ZebraPrint #HotPink #TaintedSkin December 7th 2012

Cherry Tattoos Designs: Cherry blossom tree tattoo on back

love, Love, LOVE this tattoo idea for my kids names

Tattoo studio virtual: three dragons symmetrical tribal tattoo on the arm or the central part of the body very good model

Flower & bird watercolor tattoo on girl's back

Compass tattoo on the wrist.

Get matching flowers with friends: | 65 Totally Inspiring Ideas For Wrist Tattoos

quote tattoo for mom, memorial tattoo

Getting a tattoo for men it is a lot easier, because even when they grow old and fat the tattoo will look good on them no matter where it is. The same can’t be said …

simple fairy | Crouching Fairy, Hidden Appendages, Xavier R. Marchena, SciFi Fantasy ...