Wristly-Studie: Watch-Träger leben gesünder! - - Einer aktuellen Studie zufolge sollen Träger der Apple Watch gesünder leben. Zumindest versucht das die Studie von Wristly zu belegen. So sollen die Träger des Wearables, die den Fitness-Aspekt des Wearable nutzen, ihre persönlichen Trainingsziele wesentlich schneller erreichen. Und ver...

Fishstick Monkey | impossibly-cool: The now closed Kai Tak Airport...

How To Use Aperture...

ArtStation - Advanced Hydraulic Walker aka HYWAK. 1/6 scale Mech model, tle industry

#UI - Menu

The Amazon Echo can play music, track the news, tell you the weather, remember your shopping list and even tells you jokes.

Apple iMac G3 Indigo Blue Computer.

The Gun so Nice, You Fire it Twice. Well, that better way is finally here! European gun manufacturer Arsenal Firearms has produced the AF2011-A1 Double Barrel Pistol, designed to "commemorate the legendary Colt 1911-A1," the .45 that turned 100 last year. "I don't know what's more shocking: The fact that this was invented at all, or the fact that it wasn't invented in America."

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    The fact it wasn't invented in the United States. It seems like something we would do.

The Ultimate Guide to Using PowerPoint Effectively

Top 10 Programming Languages to Know in 2014 #infographic #Programming #Education

A Long But Useful Website List You Need For Surfing On The Internet.---I hope!!

How to bring leather shoes back to life and remove dryness and scratches.

An automated rap-generating algorithm pushes the boundaries of machine creativity, say computer scientists.

The Solaris Sun Shade is a solar-powered umbrella concept that provides shade while powering a laptop and other gadgets - using solar energy to create new work and leisure spaces with the sun. Designed by José Vicente, the system is equipped with photovoltaic panels that allow users to charge their electronics with clean, renewable energy from the sun while sitting at a beach, park or outdoor cafe.

The only phone charger that cleans while it charges. Good thing, because the average persons cell phone has more harmful bacteria on it than a public toilet! Not just that, but 1/6 cell phones was found with fecal matter! Hey, a little bit of bacteria is good for you, but not that much! Gross! You charge your phone every day, but how often do you clean it? PhoneSoap Charger is proud to be the first and only cell phone charger that sanitizes your phone while it charges.

Foaster iPhone 5/5S/C charger toaster design charge 2 phones in the same time gadget kitchen home birthday gift on Etsy, $124.81

These are very much needed and can be found in many stores. Better get one and use it.

Captain America: Civil War Rumor: Captain Rogers Lives!

A tidy way to store shoes by the front door.

Voyager - Smart Treadmill by Il-Seop Yoon - No more boring treadmill exercise. This bad boy will display your favorite location, or let you play games all while exercising. #treadmill #exercise #YankoDesign

Blogging Tips | How to Blog | How I Turned My Blog Into a Full Time Job

[INFOGRAPHIC] Renewable Energy, Sustainable Energy Powers Opportunity

R2-D2 USB Humidifier