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The Walt Disney castle makes a really cool home screen.

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Disneyland in paris, would love this as a tattoo with maybe a silhouette of cinderella and Prince charming dancing?


Justin gets drunk one night and sends a text to someone thinking she'… Fanfiction

Just look at his EYES!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

My angel boy

Justin Bieber Smile // B&W

Só eu acho que ele parece com o Paul Wesley

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my cute little bunny - justin bieber

Imagen de justin bieber and smile

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Justin Bieber's new neck tattoo is...uh...special

15 Most Attractive Neck Tattoos for Girls - Tattoo Design Gallery

What a time saver ! Have to see it to believe it ! I am ready for love diy . I really needed this. Gotta get this going today! I need a man .