Authentic Visual Voices

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"Authentic Visual Voices: Contemporary Paper and Encaustic" offers insight into the artistic process. 28 professional artists in their own voices discuss their artwork with artist/author Catherine Nash. A gallery of 100+ international artists follows. Where does creative inspiration comes from? How do artists synthesize experience, emotions and concerns into their work? Pinterest is where I'll update new, thought provoking works by these artists~ Check it out at

Rodney Thompson,  encaustic, teabag paper, coffee filters

Authentic Visual Voices: Contemporary Paper and Encaustic The book!

Catherine Nash: Visual Artist

Artist Catherine Nash in Tucson, Arizona. - Mixed media installations, encaustic painting, handmade paper, sculptural assemblage

Finally!!   Authentic Visual Voices is now available as a download and streaming "in the cloud"!

Now Downloadable! "Authentic Visual Voices" and more

Now Downloadable or Streaming! Authentic Visual Voices I can't tell you how excited I am to announce that Authentic Visual Voices is now available as a download now for your ipad, iphone or laptop!! You can download it and/or keep it in the cloud for streaming any time. Authentic Visual Voices: Contemporary Paper & Encaustic 380+ color images 29 video interviews with international artists who integrate the two media - for 2D and 3D inspiration! Please visit In…

Robert Renfrow and Catherine Nash in April, 2012, interviewing artist Marybeth Rothman.  Photo by Marybeth Rothman

Catherine Nash: In My Studio and In My Head

A full-time studio practice is mostly a solitary life. You work for months and years making art. In the studio you make decisions about yourself, the world, your message and your materials. A lot…

Maya Lea Portner “The Marriage of Giuseppina & Antonello (Sardegna 2010)" mixed media 6 x 11 inches

Daniella Woolf

Daniella Woolf