Murder at Mykenai

Places and images that inspired my new book
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several mannequins are on display in a museum
Gallo-Roman and Roman clothing in museum Xanten, Germany
a stone wall with a gate and sign on it
Entrance to The Cave of the Nymphs, Ithaka; photo Cath Mayo
a man standing in an open doorway with his back to the camera
Atreus's tomb; photo Cath Mayo
an artistic painting with red and white designs on blue background, depicting people dancing in the water
Mycenaean soldiers fighting mountain bandits
a black and white drawing of an alien face
Birds, Late Bronze Age Greek pot
a drawing of a pair of shoes with an umbrella on it's back side
Crazy bird from a Late Bronze Age Greek pot
an old stone building surrounded by trees and rocks in the middle of a dry grass field
Ithaka, old hut at Marathia
an island in the middle of water with mountains in the background
Ithaka, Mt Neriton from Dexia Bay
an aerial view of the ruins and surrounding mountains
Mykenai, the ruins from the air
a hat made out of bread is on display in a glass case at the museum
Boar's tusk helmet
an ancient painting depicting two men with a baby in a cart and another man holding a tennis racket
Charioteer and spearsman, from a Greek Late Bronze Age wall painting
the odyssey of homer by barbara leonne picard, illustrated by kiddel - monoe
My old copy of Barbara Leonie Picard's The Odyssey. Where the journey started. photo Cath Mayo
the google earth map shows an area that is very close to the ocean and has many islands
Google Earth image of Ithaka and its surroundings
a narrow stone tunnel in the side of a mountain
Underground cistern tunnel at Mykenai
an aerial view of a rocky area with trees in the background and sand on the ground
The far corner of the throne room at Mykenai, as it is today; photo Cath Mayo
a drawing of a building with columns and pillars
Throne room at Mykenai, by artist Evangelos Olympios
three different types of knifes on display
Modern reproduction of "Odysseus's sword", with original dagger
Replica sword modelled on a dagger made in Odysseus's time and found on Ithaka Replica Swords, Trojan War, Replicated, Fantasy Rpg, Dagger, Spencer, Sword
Replica sword modelled on a dagger made in Odysseus's time and found on Ithaka
an ancient painting depicting a man holding a bird
A young girl in a wall painting,Thera
an artistic drawing of a room with columns and paintings on the walls, painted in bright colors
Nestor's Palace at Pylos, by artist Piet de Jong