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Houston Texas  ·  Write stuff. Like art cars. Love family. Am the seeing-eye-person for my sweet blind dog, Cricket!
Cathey Graham Nickell
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“I think I’m going to buy a boat. A really big boat.” Mark leaned back in his leather …

“I think I’m going to buy a boat. A really big boat.” Mark leaned back in his leather …

Golf Ball Happy Face VW Bug Our Residential Golf Lessons are for beginners,Intermediate & advanced . Our PGA professionals teach all our courses in a incredibly easy way to learn and offers lasting results at Golf School GB

colored ping pong balls on an old 1971 Volkswagen Beetle named "The Last Cup". Her art car features different scenes each section of smiley face hood peace sign on a even the hub caps and bumpers are covered with ping pong balls.

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Dear Me by Cathey Graham Nickell

Dear Me by Cathey Graham Nickell – Teri Case

If These Scars Could Talk via @helloparentco

I’m grateful for my scars. Each blemish has a story. Without my stories – and my scars – who would I be?

Hobo Nickel Car/Brick Wall by Aleksey Saburov

The hobo nickel is a sculptural art form involving the creative modification of small-denomination coins, essentially resulting in miniature bas reliefs.

Some students from North Murray High School just received a college degree, before they even graduated High School.