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Cement Rosary, or concrete rosary, is an outside all-weather rosary that you walk on as you pray. As you step from one stone to the next, you say the prayer for that bead of the rosary. Make this for your home or school. (Scroll down to this).

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How To Pray The Rosary Printable Guide (scroll down to this). Be sure to click on learn how to fold it so you can make it into a booklet.

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Lacing Rosary Set- These are just right to keep little ones happy, involved, and interested while doing the rosary.

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Rosary Prayer Sheets- Print them out and laminate them (or use plastic sheet covers). Then the kids can use them to follow along as they pray. They can use a dry erase marker to fill in the rosary beads on the sheet as they pray each prayer.

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Rosary Lapbook (in English or Spanish) *Be sure to click on Translate to English at the top of the blog so you can read it in English. Printable downloads in English at:

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