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Eat seasonably: when fruits & veggies are in season for the peak of flavor. when you eat fruit & veg out of season think about the chemicals & other garbage they spray on it in order to keep it fresh.

When I was little, we just had regular old Puppy Chow. Apparently that's not good enough anymore. :)

How to make Chex muddy buddy recipes aka puppy chow in yummy flavors. The best thing about muddy buddies is that you can change them up to make almost any flavor combination that you want to. Some of the tasty flavors include cookies and cream, Nutella, …

50+ Easy Recipes For College Students (or anyone on the go!) #college #easymeals

50+ Easy College Recipes You Will LOVE!

Not in college anymore, but we all still need easy quick meals! Easy Recipes For College Students

Instant  Mac & Cheese in a Mug

Instant Mac & Cheese in a mug! cup pasta cup water cup milk cup shredded cheddar cheese, this would perfectly for a midnight snack/meal :D

microwave recipes

(Almost) Homemade Dinners You Can Make in the Microwave

Lunch: Stuffed bell peppers , 8 Easy Microwave Recipes

8 Easy Microwave Recipes

Stuffed Peppers Loaded with five of the Cleveland Clinic's top veggie and grain picks, this low-cholesterol, vegetarian dinner is a top-rate cheap meal.

Super Easy Microwave Meals and Directions on how to microwave veggies!

Super-Easy Microwave Meals

Microwave Cooking Recipes - Easy Recipes for Microwave Meals -

13 Microwave Cooking Recipes

Easy Pasta Recipes: Mediterranean Chicken Couscous < Quick-Fix Chicken Suppers - Southern Living Mobile

A Guide to Cooking Food in Hotel Rooms - Microwave Meals Optional (great for residence hall cooking too!)

A Guide to Cooking Food in Hotel Rooms - Microwave Meals Optional

A Guide to Cooking Food in Hotel Rooms - Microwave Meals Optional Barracks Cooking

Top 25 Microwaveable Dessert Recipes

Easy Banana Pudding The day I discovered I could make pudding in my microwave changed my life. No more scorched custard, hot stoves or instant pudding mix.Microwave banana pudding is the perfect summer-time dessert. Cool to make and cool to eat.

11 Speedy Microwaveable Meals

Two supposedly healthy three-minute egg breakfasts. It takes me 3 minutes to slice an avocado.) Microwave egg salsa scramble, and avocado egg black bean wrap.