Hmmm...& I thought it was my machine having issues! :/. A TENSIONING TRICK YOU MAY NOT KNOW

a tensioning trick you may not know (this is good to know . my grandma showed me to check this but I had no idea what I was checking, or how to fix it if it's not right!) sewing tips tension

How to remove the worst kinds of laundry stains (Infographic)

Tackle every kind of laundry stain with this pinnable guide

Extremely useful.

5 tricks to naturally gorgeous eyebrows

If you're a menace with tweezers and worry that filling your eyebrows will result in them dripping down your face during spin class, try these simple steps or come see one of our Licensed Estheticians.

Non-Toxic Mosquito Spray

MOSQUITO YARD SPRAY: cheap mouthwash, 3 c Epsom salt, 3 cans of stale, cheap beer. Mix until salt is dissolved. Spray anywhere you sit outside, won't harm plants. Mosquitoes gone for approx. From Paul Harvey segment years ago.

Affordable Kitchen Storage Ideas

Affordable Kitchen Storage Ideas

ANOTHER GREAT IDEA! Utilize thrifty organizers to make over the chaotic space where you stash food-storage containers. A wall file mounted to a cabinet door is an easy solution for separating plastic lids from bases.

diy home sweet home: Make your pans SHINE!!! - 1 simple ingredient

101 DIY home tips – I only got to 18 when I knew this was worth the pin. 101 DIY home tips – I only got to…