13 Sewing Hacks that are Pure Genius


Holy COW, I never would have thought to use these nonconventional tools when sewing but WOW, I think they can really be helpful.

11 Nonconventional Sewing Tools - The Sewing Loft


Quilt Binding Trick

PLEASANT HOME: Quilt Binding


Made one this morning- Love it!

Pink Penguin: Tutorial: Fabric Basket


Creative Sewing Tips and Tricks You Should Know!

30 Sewing Tips and Tricks You Should Know


15 Sewing Tricks Your Grandma Should Have Taught You

15 Sewing Tricks Your Grandma Should Have Showed You - One Crazy House


Number 12 is a big one!

15 Bad Sewing Habits You Need to Quit Doing


How to use a double needle tutorial...shut up!! This is amazing. I learn new sewing stuff all the time!

Using the Double Needle, WITHOUT the 2nd spool holder | Make It and Love It


Sew a circle easily THIS really does work, have used the idea for years! Perfect circles each time.

Sew a circle easily! - Threads


How to sew an invisible zipper!

WAWAK Sewing Supplies -


Adjustable waistband tutorial, so easy anyone can do it! #tutorial #boys #sewboy

Free Sewing Patterns for Boys: Tutorial Tuesday: Adjustable Waistband


More Learn to Sew Tips and Techniques: Before there were sergers, people who knew how to sew also knew how to Finish Seams without a Serger. Learn their secrets and master How to Finish Seams. sewing | DIY | #seasonedhome

Finish Seams without a Serger // How to Finish Seams


I need to admit: I used a totally unprofessional sewing hack when sewing a jersey patch on a sleeve to make it easier. I'm still a bit ashamed of it. But it was totally worth it!

This sewing hack will make your life easier


Over 50 Step-By-Step Sewing Tutorials from NewtonCustomInteriors.com. Many of these detailed sewing tutorials include video instructions.

Sewing Tutorials - Newton Custom Interiors


How to hand applique with freezer paper & turned under fabric

suppose » Tutorial: Kathy’s Favorite Appliqué Method


Really easy way to serge without a serger. Good gracious! I have thought about doing this a hundred times but didn't think it would actually work! Well forget buying a serger!

Serge w/out a Serger


Sewing with Knits: All the time I hear from people who are afraid to sew with knits. There is no mystery, here. Knits are the easiest fabric to sew ~ all you need to know are a few details about the fabric and sewing supplies. Follow my Sewing with Knits series and Learn to Sew with Knits. The Seasoned Homemaker

Intro to Sewing with Knits


working with slippery fabrics (Little Kids Grow)

Tutorial Tuesdays: Working with Slippery Fabrics -


Enjoy bold prints and high quality with RJF Fabrics! Browse over 80+ unique RJR Fabrics designs on Craftsy today, and find the color and pattern that's perfect for your next project. With Craftsy, you'll get big savings on your favorite brands and enjoy the convenience of fabric shipped straight to your door.

Make your best projects with Craftsy’s supplies: quilting fabric


Genius tutorial for sewing buttons on shirts for those of us who are uh...bustier than others.

Too busty for that blouse? Try this trick!


I have this incredible skill that has saved my family hundreds of dollars(quite honestly, it's probably more like thousands). I'm self taught (mostly) and other then a below average semester of Home Ec back in 7th grade, I've never taken a formal class. This skill allows me to create beautiful items for my home, for my children, for friends and family and it also enables me to fix things and to repurpose that which no longer seems to be of use any longer. What is this amazing skill? I can se...

How to Teach Yourself to Sew - A Southern Mom


°°How to get Perfectly Gathered fabric EVERY time°°

Sewing Basics: Gathering - girl. Inspired.


How to Fix a Separated Zipper - with this simple trick, using a common household product, it can be easy to repair a zipper with little effort! | OHMY-CREATIVE.COM

How To Fix A Separated Zipper - Oh My Creative


How To Let Out Pants [Tutorial] : If you've ever struggled to button a pair of pants be sure to check out the Letting Out Pants tutorial. This helpful link will show you how to make pants bigger by letting out the waist. If you are a person whose weight often changes then this can be an extremely helpful trick. You don't need to go out and buy new pants if you have gained a few pounds. Keep your old pants and simply make them more comfortable by letting out the waist with these easy steps.

Saved from

A how-to for making skinny jeans from boot cut jeans. This blog also has other great tutorials worth looking at!

Maybe Matilda: Turning Bootcut Jeans into Skinny Jeans