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    Magical experiments perfect for St. Patrick's Day - Rainbows, clovers, shamrocks, and gold- these experiments are sure to WOW the little ones! (and adults, too!)

    A Sweet List of Life Planning Tools for Modern Mothers Blog inspo 4/15/15

    5 Resolutions for Women Who've Lost themselves to Motherhood.... Guilty as charged

    Fall in love with Science this Winter with these AMAZING experiments for kids. So many fun ideas I can't wait to try them all!

    These are the kinds of simple daily habits Abundant Mamas use daily so we can embrace the really, really good stuff happening all around us.

    How To Get Conversations With Your Kids Rolling. Spoiler Alert: It has a lot to do with keeping your mouth shut. Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms

    Packing Peanut Fun! Creating and building with this fun, low mess, recycled craft material.

    In true Abundant Mama fashion, the only thing I could actually do in this moment was write a list ... a list of rules for a happy life.

    Delicious pasta recipes that speak to the Italian in all of us.

    Finally some cute and affordable ways to get rid of the paper clutter in my house!

    Do you ever watch a child’s focus when you’re reading a book to them? Do you feel that intimate connection they have with the characters and their actions? It’s magic, really. As a writer and mother, I want to create that fairy tale experience for my children day in and day out. Is that realistic? …

    Need a great playlist? Add these great podcasts for moms to yours ---Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms

    Genius! Create a gift wrap zone with these storage ideas. Perfect for wrapping gifts this Christmas!

    12 Car Hacks to Get You Through Winter

    Getting through cold season would not be possible without these great tips!

    25 Hilarious April Fools Pranks To Play On The Kids

    A fantastic resource of things to do in February. Valentine math centers, valentine crafts, science, literacy, and free printables

    Awesome cooking spray hacks you're going to have to see to believe!

    15 peaceful missions for your motherhood journey.

    Once we get really good at slowing down, waking up and finding our happy place, quality family time comes naturally much more of the time.

    LOST IN MOTHERHOOD? Every year that our children get older, a little more mature and a whole lot more independent becomes an opportunity for us, as mothers, to go deeper into who we really are as women. Motherhood changed me inside out. And, for the better for sure. I love who I am now. But figuring it all …

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