I'm 5 months pregnant right now, and STILL have no fucking idea what any of this means. Baby Mahar is somewhere in between my bladder and my last nerve.

Position of the baby matters! It can cause longer or shorter labors and/or longer or shorter pushing phase!

A look at how your baby sits in your uterus in pregnancy. It can help you have an easier birth if you can optimize this position before labor.

The Fetal Compass!

Belly mapping How to tell where your baby is sitting Fetal compass rose

"One day…. hopefully sooner rather than later, we mothers will stop being so hard on each other. We’ll stop talking about the “perfect” birth, and we’ll just celebrate “birth”.  We’ll stop comparing ourselves to others, and we’ll be grateful for what we’ve been given."

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longitudinal lie a situation in which the long axis of the fetus is parallel to that of the mother; in presentation, either the head or breech presents first. oblique lie a situation in which the long axis of the fetal body crosses that of the maternal body at an angle close to 45 degrees; in presentation, the shoulder usually presents first, but the arm or part of the trunk may also come first. transverse lie a situation in which the long axis of the fetus is transverse to that of the…

Looking for online definition of transverse lie in the Medical Dictionary? What is transverse lie? Meaning of transverse lie medical term. What does transverse lie mean?

fetal Presentations

I have been running into many questions in practice NCLEX about where to find fetal HR according to position. etc KTCG NURSINGPRACTICE