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Mindfulness, Arts, Art Therapy and Expressive Arts Therapy

Mindfulness as a contemplative practice and as a healing force in trauma-informed work-- and some ideas about how mindfulness and art therapy, art and expressive arts therapy intersect.

For the Mindful Art Therapists out there...a mindfulness benefits infographic

In honor of Edith Kramer who died recently at the age of 98...Cool Art Therapy Intervention #1: The Art Therapist’s Third Hand, call it mindsight, empathy or attunement, Kramer's version of art therapy underscored these neurobiology principles.

Doodling Your Way to a More Mindful Life...the art therapy secret is out, doodling is good for you!

Doodling Your Way to a More Mindful Life...the art therapy secret is out, doodling is good for you!

ART THERAPY + HAPPINESS PROJECT, official announcement from art therapists Janet McLeod [New Zealand] and Cathy Malchiodi [USA]; come join our international community.

Tree of Contemplation underscores why #creative #art #therapy supports #mindfulness and well-being

Visual Journaling: An Art Therapy Historical Perspective. Visual Journaling | An Art Therapy Historical Perspective. "Art journaling is about having a visual conversation with yourself"-- Cathy Malchiodi

Art Therapy 2-Day Workshop

The film, Free the Mind, explores how little we think about our own breathing and how meditation and yoga can contribute to a healthier, stable mind.This film follows a couple of war veterans who recently returned from their posts overseas but have been suffering PTSD. By the end of the film, the veterans notice a drastic difference. Both find themselves calmer and having less frequent flashbacks of traumatic moments during the war.

Horses and mindfulness: How Dill helps me to be "in the moment."

Free Mindfulness Meditations download

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Life is a balance of holding on and letting go #quote

Be still..and know...through mindfulness and art making I assume...

Mindfulness, Heartache and Horror: Reflections on the Sandy Hook Tragedy | BlogHer

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