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Hand reflexology

Many people are starting to believe hand reflexology massage help reduce stress in certain areas of the body. They believe each part of the hand relates to a different part of the body. I pinned this because it is a new idea that is fascinating.

Foot reflexology chart: Foot reflexology can help ease the pain of achy joints and muscles. More

Foot Reflexology--Massage the part of your foot that corresponds to the part of your body that hurts and it will slowly reduce and eventually get rid of pain, help promote blood circulation to that particular part of the body.

El tratamiento de enfermedades mediante las manipulaciones de Quiromasaje pertenece a unos métodos muy antiguos empleados para ayudar a la recuperación de la salud con métodos naturales. Remontándo…

This is why we do a spinal walk along the medial side of the foot. This area represents the spine in Reflexology.

E.F.T. Tapping Points

A graphic showing the key tapping points for the emotional freedom technique. (EFT) I use this as I can't take painkillers and it works for me

FasterEFT Tapping Script | Faster EFT

neuro emotional technique, accupressure points on wrists FasterEFT is the New EFT (Emotionally Focused Transformations) on the .

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