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actual commentary of the pacer test

Pacer test

Okay so we call it the beep test and this isn't even an exaggeration. This is an extremely accurate description of the true horror that is the beep test. If you have never had to do this you are so fucking lucky!

Listen up. It's story time. Last year One of my classes was pretty dang quiet. Then we would play kahoot and the competition was on. All I have to say is that we weren't so quiet anymore. My teacher threated to give us actual homework. (She did give us ho

This really is the worst feeling in the world. I hate when people do this to me or other people.

I love it when people remember the small things about me.

I love this, probably because I creepily remember everything that people tell me like a person's great aunt Suzy's dog buttercup ran away when she was six and then AUnt Suzy found her two and a quarter months later. There's something very wrongly with me

All the timeeeeee

"Do you ever get second hand embarrassment so badly from a book or show you're reading/watching that you have to cover your eyes for a minute?" Do you mean which mildly embarrassing scenes do you cover your eyes for a minute

All the time.

Sometimes when I'm reading a book and I think the characters are in a room but then I read the next paragraph and they are sitting in a tree in Alabama and I need to change the whole scenario in my head

As a man, this defines interacting with women. When is something ok, when is it not. The signs keep changing but they have no clear definition.

today's kids will never know bill nye - Google Search

I'm a teen and my science teacher always makes us watch Bill Nye and Tim and Moby from BrainPOP 😂