A brief summary of Warriors: Into the Wild

A brief summary of Warriors: Into the Wild Warriors in a nutshell

Starting my individual Warrior Cats tributes, the first being Fireheart/Firestar. Trying to emphasize individual characteristics, facial features, fur color/patterns, and body shapes to make each c.


Sparkpaw, wat are you doing? <<< Whoever says they didn't absolutely love the new book is a liar <<< I'm not even there but omg guys don't tease Jay even though he is really annoying.

soooo true!!! :,(

*slowly crawls into a corner and bursts into tears.* *Firestar walks in and comforts me* I KNOW THIS FEELING!

cloudkit's entrance

Fireheart and Cloudkit "New kit for the clan" - Warrior Cats [Fire and Ice(?

Fireheart by Owlmark.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Burn- male- he is a powerful large cat in thorns group he dislikes shadow, ash ,dying moon, smoke his best friend is soldier