Holiday shopping ideas

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How to make 3D cardboard stars from cereal boxes. AWESOME!

*Good one for the school craft bazaar!*How to make: Shabby chic cardboard stars - You'll need: Empty cereal box Paint (Any colour you fancy!) A felt tip pen in dark blue or black Star templates (included in instructions) Scissors Paintbrush

French Country Cottage Red Blue Quilt Throw detail Emilia French the mix of florals with the red plaid--great for the leftovers from projects

Here's a lovely quilt that came from Katie's Cottage. Katie thought it was perfect for Gingham Cottage guests. teaches home making, gardening, baking and ettiquette.

Warm Wishes

Warm Wishes Mitten Ornament Whip up a cheery felted-wool mitten to give away or hang on your Christmas tree. The ornament can double as a holder for small gifts, trinkets, or gift cards.

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