Head Over Heels Hot Heels 8771 |2013 Fashion High Heels|

Head Over Heels Hot Heels Fashion High Heels

Daisy tattoo! This will be what my next tattoo will look like, but just one daisy instead of two. I'd want it on my shoulder/back area, for my little sissy Daisy :)

Love this because daisy's are my daughter's birth month flower, but I would put it on my right shoulder & arm. I would also add my a few of my son's birth month flower, marigold's.

Legs that go on forever and the thigh high boots that show them to perfection

White thigh-high boots are HOTTT!

Desde las alturas las luces de #LasVegas iluminan una ciudad que no duerme ni descansa en ningún momento.

Las Vegas is one of the most exciting places in the world to visit.

Tattoo Portfolio Black Grey And Red Barbed Wire Sleeve

The Barbed wire tattoo is worn by people basically because its religious meaning. Check out the best Barbed Wire Tattoo Designs here.

X-rated Scrabble ( I know you know how to play this!!! )

X-rated Scrabble ( I know you know how to play this!