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Upcycled Entertainment Centers

Upcycled - Recycled - Repurposed Entertainment Center Ideas! Bar for Dad, Sewing Center for Mom, Spaceship for Brother, Play Kitchen for Sister, Diaper Changing Station for Baby.... and much more... all unique ideas for every one.

upcycled armoire (looks like a basic cabinet) but like it either way as this Pet center.

Cute little country kitchen stove and sink - (I would paint the crosses probably because not sure how stable a pot would sit on those grills.) #upcycled #entertainment #center

Upcycled entertainment center,cut off half with shelves and viola,bathroom helper - This is not a "magazine quality" image but you get the picture.

Upcycled entertainment center made in a rabbit hutch. (can we turn the picture around please?)

Upcycled entertainment center turned reptile or furry friend condo! The top has a hole cut in it for a heat lamp or it can be screened in. The bottom has a hole cut in it with a ramp going to the lower section. You can add shelves or limbs depending on the animal.

a recycled pet bed from an old entertainment center. #upcycled #entertainment #center or #armoire

A play kitchen... nice large "stainless" fridge and sink and stove... and what's that I see? A slide out pantry? (I'm going to look to find what that is (maybe it originally held dvd's or vhs tapes?) #upcycled #entertainment #center or #armoire

The Copy Cat Home: This entertainment center was turned into a toy center. I'm thinking if there was room behind it "safely of course" the big cabinet's back could be removed for a play "theater" for puppet shows.... or just put the kids tv in it.... either way! :) Craft Supply & Demand #upcycled #entertainment #center or #armoire

Another #upcycled #recyled #entertainment #center into a play kitchen. I was thinking that bowl for the sink.... a nice place for kitty to get a drink of water!

An old entertainment center into a bookshelf and toy "chest" for a children's room.

Add some backing board and you have a little kitchen.. another kitchen makeover entertainment center

Revamped Armoires or tv entertainment center for the small area dining and entertaining experience. Small-Space Storage

On my quest to find more for the boys ... I found this work bench from an old night stand... but imagine what one of these old entertainment centers can look like if adding peg boards etc... The Frugal Granny: AJ's new workbench

purple heaven play kitchen from an old entertainment center. Custom Made Large Custom Wooden Play Kitchen

Although posted before I love this closeup of the interior of the "refrigerator" with the freezer, frig and shelves! Giggleberry Creations!: Milla's Kitchen - handmade by Papa & Grandma Barbara

A dollhouse from an old entertainment center. I like how she kept the retractable doors so they can lpretend to "open and close the house door". Caught my Fancy: Dollhouse Unveiled

A modern "stainless" kitchen from old entertainment centers. The Kitchen Door: Tricia's "first" third Birthday!

Finally... a frig door for those alphabet magnets other than on mommy's/nanna's frig! :) From: Becoming SuperMommy: DIY Toy Kitchen Tutorial- (How To Be the Coolest Mommy on the Block)

Reinvented armoire / entertainment center into sewing station.

Repurposed For a Menu in the dining room. I love this idea. I'm thinking if the back is TOO big... one could use the idea and put a framed chalkboard in the middle with shelves on the sides.. any number of possibilities. Repurposed Entertainment Center & Sofa Table as a Dining Room Hutch with some added flare. Plywood enhanced with blackboard paint and a one-of-a kind candle holder made with rebar., , Dining Rooms Design

Play Center with chalk board backdrop from an upcycled entertainment center. The Sasse Life: Entertainment Center Makeover

SO EXCITED TO SEE THE BOYS GET A PLAY SET! Entertainnent center upcycled into a spaceship! Home & Family - Tips & Products - DIY Entertainment Center Makeover: The Boys Strike Back Spaceship Playset | Hallmark Channel