This should be posted on every property in Walkersville - well on what farms that are left in Walkersville!

NOTICE: This property is a farm. Farms have animals. Animals make: Funny sounds. Smell bad and have sex outdoors. Unless you can tolerate noise, odors, and outdoor sex, don't buy property next to a farm!

Happy Choice Farm, MD.  This is the name of my great-great grandparents farm outside of Barnesville.  Could it be they kept the name?  The original house burned when my great-grandmother was a child...

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A girl can dream...

1000 Western Run Rd, Cockeysville, MD 21030 - Estimate and Home Details

Perfect log home!

Country music superstar couple Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are selling their fantastic Franklin, Tennessee, farm on over 600 acres.

Perfect farm - spent many days playing & exploring here!

Perfect farm - spent many days playing & exploring here!