Marie Agnes Guillot /photo by Lisa Roze.

Jitterbug at a Dance Marathon 1940's. What you and cliff will look like at the wedding @Erica Cerulo Hall

Jitterbug I love old photos because of this: Even though people dress different ways based on where they are in time and space, we all experience the same emotions and think about the same big things.

A “Pachucha” (Mexican-American women in zoot suits) From Boyle Heights.c.1940's

A “Pachuca” (Mexican-American women in zoot suits) Rosie From Boyle Heights In The found photo street style casual sweater pants hair

Gene Kelly teaches his daughter, Kerry, to dance

Gene Kelly teaching his daughter to dance, adorable!

Gene Kelly

Gene Kelly and Vera Ellen Dancing, Old Hollywood Magnet, Public Domain Image Mais

Wow, love seeing this picture of Marilyn in the early days - I think it shows that her beauty was her personality/soul!

Classic Car and Beatifull Girl Could this be Marilyn in her Norma Jean days?

Stardust (2007) http://lets-go-to-the-movies.tumblr.com/tagged/Stardust watch this movie free here: http://realfreestreaming.com

Stardust-omg this used to be my fave quote everrrrrrr. Just reading it makes my heart happy.

Liza Minnelli and Christopher Walken rehearsing for  the Broadway musical Best Foot Forward in 1963.

Liza Minnelli & Christopher Walken rehearsing for the musical 'Best Foot Forward', 1963

Self portrait - 1940s style. why cant men dress this good these days....can I have him?

Self portrait - 1940s style.

Self portrait - style. why cant men dress this good these days.<<<I hear ya

A Farytale inspiration

A Farytale inspiration

Edwardian ladies in "tea gowns" or "afternoon dresses" Women on the left in the cross over dress by Joana Sárközy

Marilyn Monroe with no makeup. [1955]

Marilyn Monroe with out makeup 1955

1918 fashion from Holland....this is true fabulousness

Fashion from Holland, 1918

1940s sunglasses...loooove the old and vintage photos of swimwear fashion.

Women's 1940s Sunglasses History with Pictures

Take a look at women's sunglasses. The vintage styles and fashion trends through and beyond. Plus where to buy vintage or new retro sunglasses.

Vera-Ellen and Gene Kelly [Words and Music, 1948].

Vera Ellen & Gene Kelly in Words and Music (Norman Taurog

Gentleman, 1918--thinking ... about how glorious he looks in that outfit.

Gentleman, 1918 -- the fit of his waistcoat is hideous, but my how dapper the jacket!

Carnival Performer, Elly del Sarto c. 1910 Source: maudelynn vintage carnival Elly del Sarto 1910s

Elly del Sarto was a sideshow trick shooter of the early She also played instruments and was an all-around performer. One helluva woman, I'd say!