Catherine Taber-Shelton
Catherine Taber-Shelton
Catherine Taber-Shelton

Catherine Taber-Shelton

Learn about the different types of curls and how you can achieve them | The Beauty Department

Best demonstration on how to tease your hair so you don't end up looking like a punk rocker!

mori-girl-inspired: hmmm… this has my creative little DIY brain spinning with ideas. I think I could stitch up something similar to work with the Doc Marten’s I got last year (they look pretty close to the style and color of the boots in this image).

Tassel Lace Up Dance Pants - in Black or Brown - you choose your color strings via Etsy

Gothically yours....: Remaking your clothes: Goth DIY

DIY t-shirt headbands

Lots of cool DIY cutout t-shirts. Make sure your speakers are turned down before you click through the picture.

"Dresses made from vintage sheets- I am LOVING this idea!!"

For all those leggings that are super cheap at the store. Never would have thought of this!

Start with a coat of black, then use two different-sized dotting tools (like a Q-tip and a thin water-based Sharpie) for an easy accent nail.

MORE Ways to Style Hair With a Ribbon! **Click through for tutorials for each look**

Drill holes in wood, place tea lights. Table center piece for outside table.