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In our book "The Cats' House," we made public our private space, in the hope that others would be encouraged to create a better existence for their cat companions. Please share cat creations—ramps, enclosures, catwalks, toys, catios, or wonderful cat-themed designs—with fellow cat lovers to inspire even more creativity. Together, we can elevate the lives of felines everywhere! Thanks, Bob Walker & Frances Mooney
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cat climbing wall structure

Cat play rooms full of kitten toys, cat trees and cat wall shelves. all the diy cat stuff a "Crazy Cat Lady" and his/her feline friends could ever want.

cat shelves

If you don’t have room for cat towers, or just don’t like their aesthetic, cat shelves are a great alternative. The cat shelves double as modern art.

cat shelves

Another idea for cat shelves on the wall, also made with IKEA Lack shelves. Another idea for cat shelves on the wall, also made with IKEA Lack shelves.

Cat Silhouette Cat Shelves

Silhouette cat shelves - decorative, and functional for cats.

cat shelves, brilliant!

DIY Modern Cat Stairs from Apartment Therapy Pet Decor Contest

Modern Cat heaven! I love the use of white shelves covered in carpet on white walls. They blend in so nicely! I imagine that if you had another wall color, it would look really cool to paint the shelves to match it as well!

Cat Climbing Heaven All In White

Modern Cat Climbing Shelves This is one of the most stunning cat-friendly interiors I’ve seen! So simple and elegant, the crisp white design sets off the gorgeous cats, showcasing them as the beautiful creatures they are.

Modular Cat Climbing Wall

Modular Cat Climbing Wall « Catswall not available in US yet

Cat climbing shelf in one compact Billy

love the idea, might use a different bookcase tho or find it on CL cheaper used. IKEA Hackers: Cat climbing shelf in one compact Billy