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What my #Tea says to me©

What my #Tea says to me©, began as a daily series on July 12 at popular request by Pinners and other social media. The first illustration was homage to Mick Jagger, "I got nasty habits, I take tea at three." These illustrations are original and belong to Jennifer R. Cook© - Cats in the Bag design©. Cheers

#grateatude #tealovers #gandhi "Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony." - Gandhi #TEAlightful #wisdomwednesday It is good to be full of #monsTEA graTEAtude and happTEAness. What my #Tea says to me October 2, Drink YOUR life in be harmoniously happy Cheers (What my #Tea says to me is a daily, illustrated series created by Jennifer R. Cook )

This was originally created for a friend who left our world on his next venture. The Eskimo proverb is for anyone who has lost a loved one. What my #Tea says to me January 11, is TEAribute. to our loved ones.

Happy New Year! Let the festiviTEAs begin. Cheers to all for the follows, the likes and the repins of my creativiTEA. May you find love, prosperity and joy in 2013. What my #Tea says to me December 31st, enjoy your festiviTEAS where ever you are :)

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Tea love notes, dance through the air and mingle with our senses. "Tea is music without having anything played." What my #Tea says to me, brew up a cup of liquid music, it's magic. Cheers.

Happy BirthTEA! Bird and Bunny shared a cup of tea. After all the "Art of Tea" is a spiritual force for us to share. - Alexandra Stoddard, bird and bunny agreed, BirthTEA should be shared :) What my #Tea says to me Happy BirthTEA Jennifer :)

Boxing Day was spent with a wise friend. We saw a movie, had some dinner, sipped on tea. What a warm and wonderful flavour filled day. What my #Tea says to me December 26th, drink from the teapot of life, it has the best flavours.

With the fesTEAvities of December 25th, flurry of fun and new faces, the weaving of people, food and cultures, inspired "Christmas TEA O' Christmas TEA." It was a lovely day, skyping with family, hanging out with neighbours and new friends. What my #Tea says to me December 25th, cheers to Christmas Tea, caring and sharing :)

It is the last Friday of 2012. We have snow every where, people every where and love every where. What my #Tea says to me December 28th - Love is every where on a Friday. Cheers.

We are receiving our lumps today via beautiful sugary snow storm. After shoveling snow twice today, it was time for some tea. Two lumps, or are you naturally sweet? Naturally sweet for shoveling my neighbours snow :) What my #Tea says to me December 27, take your lumps enjoy the sugary snow. Cheers.

One might wonder what kind of tea a snowman might enjoy on Christmas Eve. Cinnamon Ice, Green Tea. Peppermint Ice Tea? What do you think? What my says to me December 24th, Discover the right tea for snowman in your life. Seasons Infusings!

  • Jennifer R. Cook

    Cheers for the TEAlightful repin of What my #Tea says to me creativiTEA @Marilyn Murray, can you tell I like creating these ? :)

  • Jennifer R. Cook

    @Tea Coupons Online cheers for the TEArrific repin and like of What my #Tea says to me creativity. My great niece and I were discussing snowmen on Skype and she suggested they would like Cinnamon Ice Green tea. We spent the afternoon drawing snowmen. :)

I love this quote, it sparkles with my double happiness flowering tea and blends with my love of stars on a winter night. Cuddle up with some tea and let the festiviTEAs begin. What my #Tea says to me December 23, Seasons Infusings, remember to sparkle over the holidays. Cheers.

Caturday, fesTEAvities. A kitTEA warms my tea, while dreaming of his furry, feast. What my #Tea says to me December 22, KitTEA is a great way to keep your tea warm. Seasons Infusings :)

New beginnings, winter solstice, we all grow together from this day forward and celebrate life and living! Celebrate differences, celebrate peace, celebrate love. Today, mistletoe brings together What my #Coffee says to me and What my #Tea says to me, celebrate our differences, célébrons nos différence! Seasons Brewings - Fusion du temps de Fêtes :) Cheers!

Your interpretation of this quote depends on your point of view. Love always holds higher value. What my #Tea says to me December 20th. Seasons Infusings, enjoy your love filled festiviTEAs.

As the fesTEAvities continue, take a moment, relax, sip your favourite tea; give a gift of time and reflection to you. This Oren Arnold quote, is a lovely gift of words, for all seasons and all reasons. What my #Tea says to me December 19th, Seasons Infusings.

Snow is floating to the earth, fat fluffy snowflakes. Flowering tea seemed best, to inspire my creativiTEA :) What my #Tea says to me December 18th...with melted snow I boil fragrant tea. Seasons Infusings!

Winnie the Pooh is so wise. Love this quote is a bit festive especially when you read it with a cup of tea. "Some people care to much, I think it's called love." Seasons Infusings from What my #Tea says to me December 16. (Late posting)

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Fill your cups with tea. May the holidays warm your heart and fill your soul. - Jennifer R. Cook. Seasons Infusings from What my #Tea says to me December 15th. (Posting this one late). Cheers.

  • Annegret Harms

    When drinking tea during the holidays I will remember your quote. Cheers to you, Jennifer.

  • Jennifer R. Cook

    Cheers @Annegret Harms for the comment. It was quote that I felt today while drinking some tea that was gifted to me. Cheers for like and the repin of my creativiTEA. Be warm and safe during the holidays :)

Creativity is a joy, I am blessed that I have the ablitiTEA to share it. What my #Tea says to me December 17th, "When you like your work every day is a holiday." - Frank Tyger. Seasons Infusings to all!

Sometimes words are not there. Especially in times of tragedy. One could find solace and quiet moment. As I take a moment with a flowering tea, I am reminded that life is delicate and precious. I send thoughts of love, hope and healing to all affected by the tragedy in Connecticut. #PrayForNewton

Enjoying life and fesTEAvities. What my #Tea says to me Dec 13 - Seasons Infusings to all, Cheers.

Twelve love filled birds, sipping a festive double happiness flowering tea on TEAlightful 12-12-12. Love and tea makes the festive season warm and bright. What my #Tea says to me December 12th, Cheers and good night.

Open your hearts over the holidays, give the gift of love and share some tea at the same time. What my #Tea says to me December 10th. Seasons Infusings to all :)

An angel in every cup of tea! Love is in our cup, angels are by our side. Great quote, great tea, What my #Tea says to me December 11 Seasons Infusings!

Jingle tea! Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! What my #Tea says to me December 9th, Enjoy a cup of festive, Jingle Tea! Cheers :)