This website is totally amazing. SOOOO many ideas for DIY projects

Prev pinner: This website is totally amazing. SOOOO many ideas for DIY projects -- pin now look later

How to make an adjustable knot (for bracelets, necklaces, etc)

How to make an adjustable knot (for bracelets, necklaces, etc) Printable tutorial. I've been trying to figure this out so I could replace the worn cords on my wooden necklace

Homemade modge podge  previous pinner said: "I like this recipe a bit more than the others I've seen on pinterest, bc it also tells u how to get a glossy finish as well as the plain matte"

homemade modge podge: Fill jar half way up with white glue (like Elmers); Then fill jar up with water. This is a mixture glue/water. It will have a Matte finish. If you would like a Glossy finish, add 1 Tbsp of clear varnish. Shake it!

Tape the fonts inside the jar then paint with a paint pen. Genius!

Bathroom glasses Glass Jar Typography - tape the paper inside and then trace with glass paint pen. Would be cool to put names on mason jars to use as cups glasses for a party or at home so ppl can reuse their cups all day.

Tips for spray painting different materials...I need this!

Pin now read later. Great Tips for Spray Painting Different Materials ~ How to spray paint Glass, Metal, Plastic, Porcelain and Ceramic, Wood. great to know for all your holiday and celebration crafts and DIY projects!

How to make: Shabby chic 3D cardboard stars from cereal boxes...

*Good one for the school craft bazaar!*How to make: Shabby chic cardboard stars - You'll need: Empty cereal box Paint (Any colour you fancy!) A felt tip pen in dark blue or black Star templates (included in instructions) Scissors Paintbrush

DIY projects - apparently this website is as addicting as Pinterest! I probably shouldn't pin this then. But Sooo many fun diy's!!

DIY projects - pin now read later, loads and loads of simple DIYs

A simple tutorial on how to drill holes through small beach or river rocks.

"A simple tutorial on how to drill holes through small beach or river rocks." So you can spice up that rock collection by drilling holes in each of them! I had to post this. the utterly ridiculous crafts I see on pintrest

cans into camping mugs- adorable upcycle!

Upcycled Cans For Camping Mugs

48 Tin Can DIYs- Upcycled coffee mugs w/bent fork handles. Great for outside/camping.

DIY Angel wings :)

DIY Cardboard Angel Wings for my crafty daughter to make for my bathroom <hint, hint>

Mod Podge + Confetti + Balloon =  Fabulous Confetti Bowl

make this DIY confetti bowl with a balloon, paper confetti, and mod podge! Would be a fun project for kids for sure!

Bake dollar store floral stones to make beautiful "gems" for crafting.

DIY cracked glass stones tutorial - dollar store craft -- great for making wired jewels!

Recycle old game boards

Old board game box. Make one out of Scrabble board, put magnet between box and inner lining, glue magnets to each letter piece. Spell out whatever you want on outside of box.

Wish the instructions were bigger

How to make a chipmunk softie : {from recycled glove} Miyako Kanamori turns lonely, single gloves to beautiful cozy companions. Try making this adorable chipmunk softie from recycled glove and then…

Freezer paper stencils AMAZING. opens a whole box of awesome t shirt making @magdalyn you would love this, if you don't already know if it!

Freezer Paper T-Shirt Printing

Good kid project DIY Freezer paper fabric stencils - super easy project that was such a hit at craft night!

dachshund mail box   want want want

Black Dachshund Mailbox I don't even need a mail box but I want one now lol