such a cutie!!!!

Beagles are such cute puppies. I my Beagle with all my heart!

Dog Door + Canopy.

This from home into the garage for the litter box! Cover with hinge so can clean easily, but furbabies safe. Replace the plant with cat grass and catnip. Doggy Door - Pet Friendly Dream Home

"puppy love"

A lemon beagle puppy heart


Beagle ~~I love Beagles, they have the sweetest personalities ♡

what a face! love it

This basset hound seems to have mastered the art of puppy-dog eyes.

Happy Hound Dogs!

Puppies happy to see you!

Pocket Beagle Puppy

Pocket Beagle Puppy-best dog ever. i love my little pocket beagle :)

Basset Hound Puppy by Hank Christensen, via Flickr

Basset Hound puppy by Hank Christensen

Pocket Beagles

Adorable beagles just taking it easy.

Beagle momma and newborn

Beagle mom and baby.

Can we just talk about the fact that Satan dog here just completely destroyed that poor book.

Don't be fooled by their cuteness. These pets are Christmas hating monsters and will do anything to try to destroy the joyous holiday!

Beagle Lemon

Beagle Lemon with a dot on his head! Just like my Jenny!


The "Beagle face"

My Lucy (pocket beagle)

pocket beagles are currently my obsession

pocket beagle

Pocket beagle I want one so bad

World's #1 foodie!

Beagle Magnet - Number One Foodie - Beagle Gift Refrigerator Fridge Dog Magnets