Multi-functional furniture

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Carry a hair elastic on your wrist in a way that’s elegant AND keeps your wrist indent-free.

Hair Tie Bracelet by BitterSweet

Don't you hate it when you have the best idea in the shower, and can't recall it when you step out the door four minutes later? Us neither, however, if your creativity knows no bounds, then some Aqua Notes should help you keep the ideas flowing once the water is turned off.

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Probably one of the most ingenious products I've ever seen: an undies pouch! Yes, you read that right! This pouch is designed to store 3-6 bras and 4-6 undies within the compartments. There's a detachable zipper pouch to store undies waiting to be thrown into the laundry. There's also a pocket on the side for other lady essentials too. This is also super handy for traveling as I can pack all my essentials in the pouch and just toss it into the luggage. This is available at!

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Revamp your child's plastic alphabet letters into a fancy decoration for a fridge or bulletin board.

The 52 Easiest And Quickest DIY Projects Of All Time

Business card tape

Wild Olive : Lovely Stationery . Curating the very best of stationery design

Ribbon storage :)

Organize your life (26 photos)

A DIY little box in which to carry your tea. | 27 Items All Tea Lovers Need In Their Lives

27 Items All Tea Lovers Need In Their Lives

Pool Noodle Storage Cody Pools | Pool Builders, Austin, Dallas/Ft.Worth, San Antonio and Houston

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Idiot proof fan!! This is awesome, so need these cause no matter how long you own a ceiling fan you'll never remember which string is which, lol

Finally someone solved this ancient problem…

How to Jump a Car: Need to Know

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MAGNETIC VENT COVERS. Place over vents in unused rooms to send heat where it's needed. More effective than closing vents! Reusable magnetic vinyl covers won't scratch and can be easily trimmed to fit. 15-1/2"L x 8"W.

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Keep a small amount of wall paint in a baby food or small relish jar so you can easily touch up nicks or scuffs.

Double-Duty Decorating Ideas

Perfect for the car, this could come in handy for large group things... thinking youth group, or with a kids party, or volleyball team.

Let's Fill the Van!: 12 Unit Cup Holder

Use Rustoleum's NeverWet (Liquid Repelling Treatment ) | invisible until it rains - Do It!

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Cupcake scoop with built-in squeegee (NEED THIS!!)

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DIY 50 hour candles, less than $2 a piece (using recycled jars makes it even cheaper). It is made with all natural soy and you can add scents and colors if you want. Click through for the tutorial.

TEOTWAWKI Blog: DIY Survival Candles

I love this idea

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Translucent post it notes or "Sheer colors post it notes" as 3M calls them. I had no idea these existed.

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Great camping idea! Make the trip to the showers a little easier, toiletries on a lanyard. Easy to carry, easy to hang.

Great camping idea! Make the trip to the showers a little easier, toiletries on a lanyard. Easy to carry, easy to hang. - ruggedthug

Guitar Stool/ Guitar Stand.

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Fill laundry detergent dispenser with bubble solution.....great for kids in the summer.

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Idea Paint Clear Dry Erase Paint. perfect for homeschool white board! no hanging on walls just paint on any wall!!

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6 Gadgets You Never Knew You Couldn't Live Without!!

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