I laughed way too hard at this...

So so true.

Texting, I'll text a girl. She'll text me back right away. I'll text her back right away. she'll text me back right away. Story of my life


Do You Recognize All The Movies?

What book do you feel like reading? Perfect for winter break. #reading #winterbreak via @maggier19

Wk 12 i like flow of the chart. What Do You Feel Like Reading? Fun flow-chart of reading options (via Random…

She is adorable!

The best pictures of the Queen…

Favorite pictures of the Queen of England. >>> Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you, the Queen of England.


Leaves From The Vine. If anyone imagined Iroh singing that and didn't cry I have three words for you: you are heartless <--- and now I'm tearbending!


ACCURATE Me: "I flossed everyday, three times a day (at least) but my teeth are still horrible." Dentist: "itS BeCAUse YoU Don'T FloSs"


Comic perfectly captures societal views on rape and feminism

This comic perfectly represents what rape culture.It's the idea that women can't wear anything without being rudely "catcalled", as people call it, or go out at night for fear of being assaulted.

Bad Translations Lead To The Best English T-Shirts In Asia. You'll probably laugh throughout your entire Asian experience with fashion.