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Word Wall cards that include graphics for Texas Native Americans, including Karankawa, Caddo, Jumano, Comanche, and Lipan Apache. Also included are...

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Indians of Texas Powerpoint

This powerpoint briefly covers the Caddo, Karankawa, Jumano, and Comanche tribes of Texas....

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Native Americans of Texas

Native Americans Of Texas - A great comprehensive unit about the Native Americans of Texas. #reading #teaching #tpt

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Spy My Spiral: Regions of Texas

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Check out our new YouTube video on Texas Indians: The Karankawas. Perfect for 4th or 7th grade Texas History students, we have new videos coming out every week.

Oh look! Not a worksheet! This is awesome! Students divide up into groups. Each group has a different region of Texas. They put together a news program describing the weather, terrain, etc. of their region. THIS is education, my friends.

Regions of Texas Writing Activity

Which is the best Texas region to live in? Students will explore this essential question as they take an imaginary field trip around the great state of Texas in the “Bus Tour of Texas”. Students will begin the lesson with a preview assignment. They will then grab a partner, and go on a field trip of the different regions of Texas. Your kids will see images of the regions out of the “bus window”, and then go to 4 different bus stops at different locations around the state.