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Ravens Bend Folk Art

Welcome to Ravens Bend Folk Art. My name is Sharon Wittke and I paint my original designs on wooden bowls, plates, trays, boxes, footstools, chairs, and other…
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A colorful fall folk art landscape is hand painted on a wood tray. The Americana scene show a busy day in the country. There is a red barn with corn shocks in front and a quilt block on the loft, several saltbox houses, an apple orchard, a pumpkin patch and sheep in the meadow. A scarecrow stands guard over some pumpkins and three hot air balloons drift by in the bright blue sky overhead.
A primitive style harbor scene is painted on a an oval wooden plate. Several sailboats are cruising under a full moon the waters near a lighthouse. A small seaside town is nestled amid trees and fields. The oval shaped plate measures 11 inches long and 7 1/4 inches wide.
A hand painted wooden plate features a fall folk art scene in the country. It's a bright sunny day, and a red barn and six colorful saltbox houses are nestled among the hills. Some sheep are grazing in the meadow and a horse is pulling a cart filled with pumpkins from the nearby field whilte several crows watch. A dog and cat are having a discussion in one yard, while chickens peck around in another.

Country and Americana

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A primitive-style decorative wood cutting board has been hand painted with an Americana country scene. A full "pink moon" glows in the spring sky, casting its light on a grove of blooming peach trees below. There is a brown weathered barn a saltbox house and some contented sheep in the scene. A magnolia tree is growing near a split rail fence where several bluebirds are perching.
A wooden plate is hand painted with a flowery spring scene. There are Easter lilies, red tulips, daisies, and yellow buttercups against a blue sky. Three honeybees buzz around the Easter lilies.
This one-of-a kind flower-shaped vintage wood bowl has been hand painted with a spring folk art landscape. The scene at the center of the bowl features a red country barn with a silo. Behind the barn is an apple orchard where the trees are in bloom. A rooster and several chickens are in the barnyard. There is a meadow with a stream running through it. There are a couple of sheep beneath a flowering magnolia tree, and a pair of Canada geese resting near the stream.

Spring and Easter

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A one-of-a-kind wood cat-shaped shelf sitter features my original folk art design of a busy Halloween scene. A waving pumpkin head sits in the hayloft of a red barn. Witches, ghosts, and black cats can be seen in the cemetery adjacent to a yellow saltbox house. Some more ghosts and jack-o-lanterns are flying on their brooms.
A wood tray is handpainted with a folk art Halloween scene. A haunted house sits in a spooky forest with the light of a full moon filtered through the bare branches of late autumn trees. Witches dressed in brightly colored garb are playing with the little ghosts and black cats who live in the big old house. They are gathering pumpkins to carve later.
A dried martin gourd is handpainted with a Halloween folk art scene. Some ghosts who live in a spooky saltbox house are picking apples to fill up a horse-drawn wagon. There are also some black cats, witches, pumpkins, crows, and a couple of spiderwho have built a huge web. Bats fly in the light of a moon overhead.

Fall and Halloween

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A primitive-style decorative wood cutting board has been hand painted with a Fourth of July folk art scene. Ladies dressed in brightly colored dresses and hats have gathered to watch a fireworks display. Sheep wearing coats of red and blue have joined them. There is a red barn and two saltbox houses with American flags flying in the yards.
A pitcher has been hand painted with a beach folk art scene. It's a cheery summer day, and five cats have gathered at the beach doing a variety of interesting cat activities. There is a lighthouse and a saltbox house in the scene, as well as a huge whale, a couple of seals, a sailboat. Porpoises are leaping in the water, and sea gulls and pelicans are perched on rocks and posts.
A square wooden shelf sitter block has been hand painted with my original design featuring a Beach gnome. Dressed in bright yellow, the gnome is standing on a beach with his pail, shovel, and beach ball. There is a lighthouse in the background, and a sailboat drifting on the water. The sun is shining in the sky as a hot air balloon passes overhead.

Summer and the Beach

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A wooden plate features a winter scene of a red country barn lit up by a bright full moon. Cardinals, blue jays and sparrows cluster around a bird feeder, while a raccoon and bunny watch.
A natural dried gourd has been decorated with hand painted folk art birds. Stylized birds with black heads, blue bodies, red wings and purple tails are perched on vines of colorful flowers that cover the entire gourd.
A winter scene has been hand painted on a natural dried gourd. Several saltbox houses and a red barn with sheep in the farmyard are hand painted on this gourd. There is a snowman, a boy skiing, a bright sun, and a few snowflakes drifting in the sky.

Winter and Christmas

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A primitive Valentine's Day folk art country scene is hand painted on a square wooden plate. There are saltbox houses and a red barn in the hilly primitive style village. Blooming trees and flowers can be seen all over the countryside. A horse pulling a cart filled with hearts is trotting through the village, where ladies dressed in red, pink and white are chatting and exchanging Valentines.
A square wooden shelf sitter block has been hand painted with my original design featuring a gnome working in his garden. Dressed in purple, the gnome is standing amid blooming spring flowers. He has a watering can in one hand and a spade in the other. There is a border of brightly colored spring flowers, and the sides are painted a mottled green.
A square wooden shelf sitter block has been hand painted with my original design featuring a Spring gnome. Dressed in green, the gnome is standing amid decorated Easter eggs and purple tulips. An little bunny and an Easter basket are on either side of him. There is a border of brightly colored spring flowers, and the sides are painted a mottled purple.

Fun Folk Art

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