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Three Styles That Help You Stand Out. 1: The New Slim, Trim Double-Breasted• If you want a double-breasted suit to look modern—and not like something from a gangster flick—keep it short and trim. And avoid Dick Tracy-grade shoulder pads, too.• Keep the jacket buttoned (including the interior button). It doesn't hang well when undone.

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Three Styles That Help You Stand Out continued: And unlike with single-breasted suits, unless you want to look like a singer in the R band, go for a higher-cut six-button suit instead of a low-slung four-button model. Photo: Kai Z Feng

Like father, like son: Clint Eastwood's dashing 28-year-old son Scott is the star of a new campaign for Hugo Boss, showcasing his suave looks in three black-and-white photos

Smouldering Scott Eastwood is dapper like dad in Hugo Boss campaign

Scott Eastwood fronts the Hugo Boss‘ Fall/Winter 2014 campaign of Boss Black.


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