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Poise Fab 5

Are you starting to experience symptoms of menopause? If so, check out our pins below! Poise Fab 5 products available at Walmart help to alleviate the most common symptoms associated with menopause and help you to feel like you again!

Thanks to #CBias, I got to check out the #PoiseFab5 Products at Walmart.

Sometimes you just need a little humor to get you through one of life's challenges, like menopause. #CBias #PoiseFab5

lots of POISE empty shelves encountered

Why do we have to wait til we are over 40?

Hot Flash Road Show - Poise

Yup... I would be over 40 - my shopping experience - quest to find #PoiseFab5 Wellness products Photos - Google+ @downshiftingpos

Hanging out at the party with @Cyngagen #PoiseFab5 Menopause Party from CreativeCynchroni...

#PoiseFab5 read about my experience with 'tropical breezes' product review by @DownshiftingPOS

Searching for the elusive #PoiseFab5 products. They were so popular they've been sold out for weeks #cbias product review by @DownshiftingPOS

Enjoying the cooling effect of the #PoiseFab5 Cooling Gel - my review #cbias from @DownshiftingPOS

Poise Roll On Cooling Gel and Poise Body Cooling Towelettes- our favourite products at the Take a MenoPause #PoiseFab5 party we had #CBias

Gotta love a Poise Coupon!

Poise Body Cooling Towelettes. I Love These!!

Word association. A kettle make me think of hot. Hot makes me hot flashes. Hot flashes make me think of menopause. #cbias #poisefab5

I think I’m Dying … No … It’s Just Menopause

I like the metal roller on the Roll-On Cooling Gel. Makes it extra cool. #PoiseFab5 #CBias

"72 degrees? That can't be right, because I'm pretty certain the house is on fire." #PoiseFab5 #CBias

Is your biological clock ticking? As part of Menopause Awareness and World Menopause Day (Oct. 18th), let’s research the information at and talk to another woman (friend, mother, sister) about this stage of life we all go through. #CBias #PoiseFab5

I am loving my Poise products! #CBias #PoiseFab5