In my fake life, I made this in my anger management class.


For Uinverso. Inspirado na fotografia do Parker Fitzgerald / inspired on a great work by Parker Fitzgerald (pineapple art thoughts)

In my fake life, I was able to trace my family history back to the "Judah/Ouidah" slave port in Benin, West Africa. As far as records go, nothing exists beyond here. Yet generations exist beyond here.

The infamous "Judah/Ouidah" slave port in Benin, West Africa.The infamous "Judah/Ouidah" slave port in Benin, West Africa from which millions of "African" slaves were scattered to the four corners of the earth.

I my fake life, this was my first apartment. That sofa saw a lot of action. And by that I mean naps.

Loft with a brick wall = very cool; with a ghost sign painted on a brick wall = priceless.

In my fake life, this was my childhood hideaway. I never told anyone about it. An old man lived there by himself. We'd read books and reenact medieval sword fights with planks of wood. I never had grandfather growing up, so I guess he was mine.

30 of the most beautiful abandoned places and modern ruins i’ve ever seen: What a beautiful turquoise ceiling. Too bad you can't remove the ceiling and have it place somewhere else in another beautiful home.

In my fake life, my uncle John was my hero. He traveled a lot for work. When I got old enough my dad would let me tag along. Once we went to Paris, France. Uncle John was a musician, so he'd work all night at different clubs. Around sunrise we'd grab breakfast some place nearby and play chess. He was a powerhouse, always full energy. No matter where we went, people seemed to love him as much as I did. When he died I played the one song he taught me on the trumpet at his funeral. How I miss…

Dizzy Gillespie - 1955

Dizzy Gillespie, American jazz trumpeter, bandleader, composer and occasional singer playing chess. Dizzy lived in my home town of Englewood, NJ in North Bergen County. The town named a street after him.

In my fake life, Iris Apfel is my god mother. She taught me the secret to life: never grow old.

Style Icon, Iris Apfel

This eighty-six year old lady is the epitome of style. She wears big, bold jewelry and beautiful ornate clothing. So popular is she, that a book was written about her titled: The Irreverent Iris Apfel: Rare Bird of Fashion

In my fake life, these guys were photographed leaving the scene of our Handsome Man drag race. It happens once a year in Italy, typically the same week as Pitti Uomo. There's about 50 of us in our little gang. All rich. All sports car collectors. All very handsome.

10 Essentials: David Gandy

In my fake life, I do this all the time.

Guy surfing in shorts, tie and blazer this cracks me up! Nothing like a day at the office to clear your head!