Chandra Budhy

Chandra Budhy

ÜT: -3.2866203,114.5862861 / org aneh, agak kurang nyambung, camuh, mucai, layau, mangaradau, daur, oon ,kujihing2, mulai agak gila, melankolisperpeksionisis, gembel kere,susah nabung
Chandra Budhy
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FOTO: pelatih dan ass pel FCB #viscabarca

The champions parade seen from the inside

know your collar

Dress Shirt Collars There are about 12 collar types for men’s dress shirts. Dress shirt collars should be considered an extension of a man’s face. It should be treated as a shirt feature that could…

How to tie a Nicky Tie Knot.

Wool ties have become very popular, and for good reason. But try to tie one on with a semi-spread collar and you'll find our standard knots don't get the job done. Enter: The Nicky tie knot.